WAGYU – 2024 Nutrien Ag Solutions Stud Cattle Championship Results

Published 08 May 2024

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Wagyu Champions announced at Beef2024

Wingfield Wagyu & The Park Shorthorns has been awarded top honours in the Wagyu judging at the Nutrien Ag Solutions Stud Cattle Championship at Beef2024.

Judge PJ Budler described Wingfield Park U0059, the single entry in the Wagyu bull category, as “an intriguing bull”.

“He’s got a tremendous amount of muscle shape and tone, and when you look over his top he’s got a big ribeye really strong over his loin and hip,” Mr Budler said.

“When you get behind him he’s got natural width, his bulging and his stifle joint is really full in his twist. His feet and legs all point in the right direction. I like how tall-fronted he is – that’s a good sign of hormonal balance.

“He’s got good testical size, shape and suspension for his age. He’s got some natural rib shape to him too. Just a really good all-round Wagyu bull.”

The grand champion female was a “logical choice” according to Mr Budler, awarding 17-month-old Wingfield Park T0011 the top prize.

“She’s really strong over the top and rump, and she’s the most maternal when you look through her skull, neck and shoulder,” Mr Budler said.

“She’s the most athletic on the move, with good size and shape. From behind she’s the widest-based female, nice and wide between the pins and full in her twist.

“Really an outstanding high performing female, with good hormonal balance and very productive.”

At a Glance

Breed: Wagyu
Judge: PJ Budler
No of Exhibits: 4
Calf champion male: Wingfield Park U0059
Junior champion female: Wingfield Park T0011
Reserve junior champion female: Wingfield Park T0010
Grand champion male: Wingfield Park U0059
Grand champion female: Wingfield Park T0011

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