USA Study Tour Wrap-up

Published 13 February 2023

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This article has been written by Aussie Helpers CEO Tash Kocks, a tour delegate of Beef Australia’s 2023 USA International Study Tour.

What a privilege it was to join an incredible group of Aussies for Beef Australia’s super-sized USA International Study Tour. We were fully immersed in the business of beef while enjoying sensational Southern hospitality and 100s—if not 1,000s—of impressive hats.

Beef Australia’s epic 13-day tour gave us the opportunity to engage with prominent beef producers and industry leaders, and soak in the South’s vibrant and proud culture—where the history and craft of raising cattle is truly revered. We also, of course, squeezed in some boot scooting, gator gazing and the awe-inspiring Alamo—among other adventures.

I’ve taken so much from this once in a lifetime experience, including a renewed sense of pride in how our own beef industry leads global best-practice and innovation across beef production and farm support. It was amazing to see this play out during CattleCon, where we witnessed the incredible reception Aussie innovator FarmBot received. 🙌 “Holler!” 🙌

I also came to admire and respect America’s deep awareness, broader appreciation and local pride for its beef farmers across the entire community—boosted recently by the hit series Yellowstone. This welcomed boost comes at a time when the industry is facing some unprecedented challenges including rapid urbanisation (read ‘collision’), sustained market disruption from meat-alternatives and mass destocking led by powerful anti-meat opponents. It will be interesting to follow how the industry and policy makers respond to these challenges and support cattle farmers at the coalface.

I’m truly thankful to meet so many warm, open and genuine cattle farmers and industry leaders—who made every day an exceptional experience and have energised me for what’s ahead in 2023. I’ve left the tour craving a decent coffee and more determined than ever to champion and celebrate our Aussie beef producers. I’ve learnt that you’re all too modest and I’m inspired to drive a deeper awareness and appreciation for the work you do to provide the best quality (and tasting) beef with the most innovative and sustainable practices among the broader community.

Beef Australia 2023 USA Study Tour Group at the JD Hudgins Ranch

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