The Top Instagram-A-Bull spots around the grounds at Beef2024

Published 08 May 2024

With more beef, more tech, more trade, more education, more entertainment, and welcoming back international visitors for the first time since 2018, Beef2024 promises to be beefier than ever. So grab your family, partners and mates and head out to the biggest Beef Event in Australia.

To help kick things off this year the team at Beef Australia thought it would be good to share with you some of our favorite instagram-a-bull spots.

Main Gate

It goes without saying that an event like Beef2024 needs a grand entrance which is why the first on our list of #instagramabull places is the Main Gate entrance. An industrial marvel made up of three massive shipping containers offers a breathtaking backdrop for your Beef2024 photos, capturing the essence of the event right from your first step inside!

M’Eat Street

Our second must-visit #instagramabull spot is a brand-new dining and entertainment area that captures a perfect outdoor feast. Set against a rustic scene of picnic tables and dimly lit festoon lights, this spot is bustling up and down the street with food trucks dishing out some of the most delicious smells of freshly cooked BBQ beef, smoked ribs, and gourmet sausages. As you wander further, you’ll stumble upon something suitable for the sweet tooths. We have a selection of desserts, from Dutch pancakes and gourmet ice cream & sorbet to freshly made gluten-free vegan doughnuts. It’s a street food scene that will leave your taste buds craving more.

Champagne Lounge

Pop the bottles! It is back again, The Beef2024 Champagne Lounge is our third stop on our journey of most #instagramabull places. The lounge marries casual comfort with sophisticated luxury, making it the perfect retreat for those seeking a break from the bustling Beef2024 atmosphere. Sip on premium sparkling wines and enjoy our Champagne Lounge.

The Lawn

Unwind and enjoy a cold beer while soaking up the entertainment on The Lawn. A dimly lit inviting space decorated with festoon lights setting a cozy atmosphere framed against a lush backdrop of green grass. It’s the ideal spot to relax with friends and family and is fourth on the list.

Centre Ring

Experience the heart of Beef2024 at the Centre Ring, where majestic archways usher you into the epicenter of all stud cattle championships. Here, a diverse array of breeds and exhibitors come together in a grand display of judging and competition. For an unforgettable experience, plan your visit around dusk. As the sun sets in the distance, the scene transforms into a breathtaking moment.

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