The ‘Drunk Drover’ crowned ‘Greatest Beef Banger’ after exciting tie breaker

Published 06 May 2024

Media Release

After a sizzling hot competition between four delicious beef sausage flavours, the ‘Drunk Drover’ was crowned the ‘Greatest Beef Banger’ in a public vote at Brighter Super People’s Day at Beef2024 in Rockhampton today.

The four sausage flavours were carefully crafted by the Australian World Butchers’ Challenge team, who will now take the winning sausage recipe to the World Butchers’ Challenge (WBC) in Paris next year.

Considered the Olympics of meat preparation and display, the WBC has grown from the inaugural Trans-Tasman Test Match between Australia and New Zealand in 2011, to a contest between teams from 16 countries competing for the coveted F. Dick Golden Knife Trophy.

At Beef2024, the Makani Australian WBC team of Garreth Gorringe, Brett Laws, Craig Munro, Tom Bouchier, Troy Wheeler, Luke Leyson and Gary Thompson will participate in a few warm-up sessions and a friendly showdown, across 10 demonstrations, today’s sausage competition and a dinner during the week.

Using high-quality beef, the four sausages competing for the honours at the Ergon Network Stage were:

  • Bronco Beef and Onion Banger, made with garlic, porcini and crispy shallots
  • Smack Rod Beef and Crispy Chilli Banger, made with coriander, crispy chilli and spring onion
  • Bloody Mary Banger, made with Worcestershire sauce, celery, tomato juice and tabasco
  • Drunk Drover Banger, made with stout and onions

Entertaining the crowd while the public lined up enthusiastically to taste the four delicious sausages, Team Manager, Luke Leyson said the secret to making gourmet sausages was to tantalise all the five senses with great taste and some crunchy texture.

“The team has developed some great flavour profiles, with the ingredients soaking into the beef and showcasing the bold flavours,” Luke said.

Members of the public voted for their favourite beef banger by adding their toothpick to individual jars, culminating with a tie between the Bronco Beef and Onion Burger and the Drunk Drover Beef Banger.

After two ladies from the crowd volunteered to help with the decider through a blind vote, the score remained tied after they each voted for a different flavour.

Local Rockhampton resident, Allison Day was thrown into the spotlight to make the final decision in the ultimate blind vote, where she chose the Drunk Drover as her number one choice.

While Allison said she wasn’t usually a stout drinker, she said the Drunk Drover appealed to her taste buds.

“I really liked the taste and texture, so maybe it’s time to start drinking stout,” she said.

The final votes as tallied by the team:

  1. Drunk Drover Banger, made with stout and onions
  2. Bronco Beef and Onion Banger
  3. Bloody Mary Banger
  4. Smack Rod Beef and Crispy Chilli Banger

The Drunk Drover will now carry the hopes and dreams of the Australian team as they take the Beef2024 chosen flavour all the way to the prestigious 2025 World Butchers’ Challenge in France.

The Australian World Butchers’ Challenge Team is located in the Agricultural Hall (Site A5) and will be hosting various sessions during the week. They are also showcasing their outstanding butchery skills at the World Butchers’ Challenge Dinner on Friday night.

Beef Australia is proudly presented by the Australian Government and the Queensland Government.


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