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Published 08 April 2024

Check out the bumper line-up of tech and innovation talks scheduled for Beef2024

In an age where technological innovations are transforming the beef and agricultural industries at an unprecedented pace, tech is not only revolutionising how farms operate but also holds the potential to address key industry challenges such as sustainability, carbon emissions and efficiency.

The forefront of these latest innovations will once again be showcased at Beef2024 through the NBN Tech & Innovation Talks program. This free series of talks, held on the NBN Tech and Innovation Talks Stage, located next to the Ken Coombe OAM Tech Yards and Innovation Hub, will provide an invaluable platform to educate and inform audiences about the latest advancements in agri-tech and expose them to new and futuristic concepts that soon have a big impact on the beef industry.

Scheduled from 9am – 4pm right throughout the event, these Tech Talks will cover a diverse range of topics, from carbon emissions and connectivity to the utilisation of drones, AI, software, and apps in agriculture. Spearheading the discussions is Martin Cuddihy, a seasoned ABC journalist turned farmer, who brings a wealth of experience and insight to the stage. Managing Baryugal Station in the Dawson Valley alongside his family, Martin’s unique perspective bridges the gap between media and agriculture, enriching the conversation on technological integration in the sector.

A highlight the 2024 NBN Tech and Innovation Talks program is the daily Carbon Conversations. The one-hour sessions will delve deep into the latest methods and trends in measuring, mitigating and sequestering carbon on beef cattle enterprises. Carbon Conversations will feature a different expert in each session and begin with the basics of how to start calculating emissions. The following days will canvass developments in methane inhibitors, reveal how large commercial ranches in the United States are addressing climate and environmental challenges, explain Australian Carbon Credit Units, and break down the critical differences between insetting and offsetting emissions.

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