September CEO Round Up

Published 13 September 2022

It is “only” 600 days until the gates open on Beef 2024.

The team here at Beef have the planning well underway for our next event and we will soon be at a stage where we can start talking to partners and contractors.

I understand that our three-year cycle means a Beef event can kind of sneak up you, so we are really trying to give partners, trade exhibitors, cattle exhibitors, contractors, and potential staff as much warning as we can on when expressions of interest and tenders open, and other important dates.

To that end, we already have on our website an outline of some of the jobs with Beef Australia that will be available in the next few months, with a guide to the duration of the position, what the position entails, and some of the skills we think are needed for you to succeed.

I encourage you to have a look at under the “Work with Us” tab to see what is in the offering.

If anything piques your interest, make sure you register so we can let you know when applications open.

You can also sign up to our trade show, entertainment and catering mailing lists so you’re the first to know when applications open.

Next to go up will be a guide to our upcoming tenders – what they entail, when they open and other information.

Hopefully this will give suppliers the opportunity to decide whether they are interested in becoming part of the team delivering Beef 2024.

Don’t think your business has to be big enough to supply an entire tender – we are open to businesses quoting for for part of a tender as well as the whole.

We will make sure all is explained as the documents go up on the website.

Talk soon

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