SANTA GERTRUDIS – 2024 Nutrien Ag Solutions Stud Cattle Championship Results

Published 09 May 2024

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Murgona Cattle Co wins male and female Santa Gertrudis Grand Champions at Beef2024

Queensland-based Murgona Cattle Co is toasting a successful day after winning both Grand Champion Male and Grand Champion Female in the Santa Gertrudis judging at the Nutrien Ag Solutions Stud Cattle Championship at Beef2024.

In her commentary before announcing the Grand Champion Female, Judge Erica Halliday from Ben Nevis Angus, who is also President of Angus Australia, talked about the importance of females to the herd.

“I feel that the difference between everyday producers and great producers actually comes down to their female herd,” she said.

“There is nothing more important, I believe, in not only the females that you select to do your donor work, or your ET work or to put into your stud herd.

“But just as importantly, the females that you choose to cull will largely determine your brand and your integrity and the quality of the bulls that you produce.”

Mrs Halliday said Murgona Queen Bee Q53 was “just exquisite”, and she loved the way the cow was presented.

“She has all those functional attributes that I’ve spoken about before, but she has that extra little bit of ‘look at me’ and quality and absolute pizzazz, and she is my Grand Champion.”

The 20-month-old bull, Murgona Raider, weighed in at 834 kilograms, and when awarding him the title of Grand Champion Male, Mrs Halliday said it was the hardest decision she had made all day.

“The three bulls offered so much individually, and it was actually hard to split them,” she said.

“But for me, I just believe the type that he carries and the skin, and the natural thickness and the tidiness is basically the complete package that’s out here today.

“Hats off to you guys, congratulations and thank you so much for bringing such beautiful animals under my eyes today. I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Murgona Cattle Co also won the Exhibitors Group and Sire Progeny Stakes.

At a Glance

Breed: Santa Gertrudis
Judge: Erica Halliday
No of Exhibits: 97
Calf champion male: Riverina Universe U104
Reserve calf champion male: Santahat Ultra U029
Calf champion female: Santahat Utopia U037
Reserve calf champion female: Santahat Unique U041
Junior champion male: Murgona Raider
Reserve junior champion male: Waco Ultron U28
Junior champion female: Waco Utopia U105
Reserve junior champion female: Diamond H Astrid
Senior champion male: Cardona Warlord W53
Reserve senior champion male: Welbatch Yellowstone M103
Senior champion female: Murgona Queen Bee Q53
Reserve senior champion female: Welbatch Wildflower
Grand champion male: Murgona Raider
Grand champion female: Murgona Queen Bee Q53
Exhibitors Group: Murgona Cattle Co
Sire Progeny Stakes: Murgona Cattle Co
Dam Progeny Stakes: RL Pastoral Company Pty Ltd

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