RED ANGUS – 2024 Nutrien Ag Solutions Stud Cattle Championship Results

Published 09 May 2024

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Red Angus Champions announced at Beef2024

Redgums Tough Guy bred by Cliff Downey from Redgums Red Angus, Victoria, was titled Grand Champion Male, while New South Wales’ Round-Em-Up Red Angus Stud’s, Moorwatha S46 M S46, took the rosette for Grand Champion Female in the Red Angus category of the Nutrien Ag Solutions Stud Cattle Championship at Beef2024.

With the Red Angus Grand Champion Female announced first, Erica Halliday from Ben Nevis Angus and President of Angus Australia said she admired the quality of the breed.

“It’s only a small showing of reds, the quality is right up here to the nth degree,” Mrs Halliday said.

“These are three fabulous females, and I was so delighted when I get out here. I really love just looking at them, observing them and delighting in the fact that we’ve got females here that really represent their breed well.

“Red Angus are good maternal animals. They’re known for both their performance as well as their carcase and absolute quality and I think you can see that in all three of these females.”

Before announcing her final decision to award the Grand Champion Female to Moorwatha S46 M S46, Mrs Halliday said the winner displayed everything she was looking for in a female.

“She is moderate in size, but beautifully put together,” she said.

“She has a beautiful angle to her shoulders, lovely length from hip to pin, which gives her the most balance of these three animals out here today.

“And with that thumping calf at foot, I really believe that she truly is the champion of these three, so congratulations to the Senior Female.”

Moving to the Grand Champion Male judging, prior to announcing Redgums Tough Guy as the winner, Erica said it was really one of those occasions when she gets to look at magnificent animals.

“It is pure joy for me to see animals se well prepared for the show, with their structural integrity and natural thickness and just ripe for a very profitable beef industry,” Mrs Halliday said.

“I love the squareness of the bull. I Just feel like in terms of a constitution that bull is going to go live an Eveready battery and just never give up.

“He gets his head up high and then when you get up behind him, he’s got a wealth of power out from his hip and his structure is very square right the way through.

“Redgums Tough Guy is my Grand Champion Bull – Congratulations.”

At a Glance

Breed: Red Angus

Judge: Erica Halliday

No of Exhibits: 13

Calf champion male: Mokoan CD Utopia U352

Reserve calf champion male: Redgums Rockefeller U3

Calf champion female: Round-em-Up Udder Me Up U21

Reserve calf champion female: Mokoan CD Udele U353

Junior champion male: K5X Tradition T207 K5XT207

Junior champion female: Moorwatha Tanya T19 M T19

Senior champion male:  Redgums Tough Guy

Reserve senior champion male: Round-em-Up The Night T19

Senior champion female: Moorwatha S46 M S46

Reserve senior champion female: Redgums Brooklyn S4

Grand champion male: Redgums Tough Guy

Grand champion female: Moorwatha S46 M S46

Exhibitors Group: Round-Em-Up

Sire Progeny Stakes: Round-Em-Up

Dam Progeny Stakes: Downey, Cliff

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