MURRAY GREY – 2024 Nutrien Ag Solutions Stud Cattle Championship

Published 09 May 2024

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Murray Grey Champions announced at Beef2024

Maefair Lucy has won grand champion Murray Grey female at the Nutrien Ag Solutions Stud Cattle Championship at Beef2024.

Judge, Kurt Wise, of Southend Murray Greys, said it was a tough decision.

“What a group of females to have out here and we certainly had a debate about these two heifers because they were hard to split,” Mr Wise said.

“They’re both very, very structurally sound, well made up underneath in the reproductive area and parade very well.

“I do have to admire the reserve champion female, but on the day the older 18-month-old heifer has done it. She’s got the growth for age, the horsepower and thickness over the spine, the overall package and the stud appeal.”

The grand champion Murray Grey male was Maefair Turrmurra T24, of Maefair Murray Greys, Marrar, in a tight contest with Shell-Dee Mr Mascot out of Shell-Dee Murray Greys, Goodger.

“When I put my hand on him you can move his skin loosely over his loin area there which is a fantastic trait and that coat type and rib capacity has just pipped the bull in reserve champion,” he said.

“Both these bulls are very, very well made on their feet and track very well around the ring. A lot of animals travelled a long way here and to still have that mobility they displayed here today is a credit to their overall structural soundness and the way they have been presented.”

At a Glance

Breed: Murray Grey
Judge: Kurt Wise
No of Exhibits: 21
Calf champion male: Maple Downs U-Betya
Reserve calf champion male: Shell-Dee Barcode
Calf champion female: St Germains Charlie
Reserve calf champion female: Shell-Dee Ultra Special
Junior champion male: Maefair Talbingo T30
Reserve junior champion male: NB7 Titan T10
Junior champion female: Maefair Lucy T50
Reserve junior champion female: Sixpence Park Pepper T1
Senior champion male: Maefair Turrmurra T24
Reserve senior champion male: Shell-Dee Mr Mascot
Senior champion female: Maple Downs Tarella
Grand champion male: Maefair Turrmurra T24
Grand champion female: Maefair Lucy T50
Exhibitors Group: Maefair Murray Greys
Sire Progeny Stakes: Maefair Murray Greys

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