Beef Australia announces Stud Cattle Championship Committee

Published 10 January 2023

Media Release

Beef Australia is excited to announce they have selected 10 professionals from across the agricultural industry to be part of the Stud Cattle Championship Committee for Beef2024.

The committee, responsible for advising the Beef Australia Board and staff on the conduct of the Beef2024 Stud Cattle Championship, have many years’ combined experience in stud cattle championships including judging, showing stud cattle and organising stud stock shows.

Beef Australia CEO Simon Irwin said the Stud Cattle Championship is one of the jewels in the triennial Beef Australia event.

“Beef Australia’s Stud Cattle Championship is recognised by the seed stock sector as Australia’s premier stud cattle awards,” Mr Irwin said.

“For Australian producers, this event is where they can showcase the result of years, and in some cases decades, of stud breeding work and we want to ensure Beef2024’s Stud Cattle Championship amply rewards and recognises their hard work and efforts.

“I am confident the Stud Cattle Championship Committee chosen for Beef2024 will be the best to represent the voice of Australia’s seed stock industry.

“The committee has many years’ combined experience in stud competitions and showing cattle, and with this experience I am confident the committee will work with us to ensure Beef2024’s Stud Cattle Championship lives up to its prestige in the Australian beef community.”

Stud Cattle Championship Committee Chair James Kent said he’s looking forward to working with his fellow committee members to help deliver a well-run and smooth championship.

“Over the next 15 months the committee will work together to develop Beef2024’s Stud Cattle Championship including deciding on classes and criteria, prize money and entry fees, scheduling of events, junior competitions, selecting stewards and judges and more,” Mr Kent said.

“While it’s a big task to undertake, the committee are looking forward to working together to develop a Championship that seed stock producers want to pursue to demonstrate excellence in their field.

“The majority of the committee have either shown or judged cattle, or been on the organisation side of stud cattle championships, and are all looking forward to donating their time back to the wider beef industry to ensure Beef2024’s iconic Stud Cattle Championship is one not to be missed.”

The 2024 Beef Australia Stud Cattle Championship Committee includes:

  • James Kent (Chair), Ooline Brahmans and Kent Beef
  • Margaret Olive (Championship Coordinator)
  • Marty Rowlands, KBV Simmentals
  • Bonnie Geddes, Couti-Outi Brangus
  • Tammie Robinson, AAM Investment Group
  • Anthony Ball, Elders Mareeba
  • Cindy McNaught, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Ruby Canning, Mavstar Simmentals and Photography
  • Maddie Morgan, The Grove Shorthorns
  • Nick Hughes, Farogan Valley Droughtmasters
  • Leonie Nicholls, Cambroon Park Droughtmasters
  • Rodney Bell, Beef Australia Director


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