Adelaide McDonald

Published 29 July 2022

Adelaide has a longstanding connection with the Australian beef industry and brings a combination of corporate, financial and industry expertise to the board. Adelaide currently serves as director of MDH Pty Ltd, her family beef cattle enterprise, one of the largest in Australia, running 175,000 head of cattle across 13 stations in Queensland.

She has held the position of Commercial Manager of the Super Butcher, one of Brisbane’s best known meat retailers. In addition to her beef industry knowledge and experience, Adelaide is a respected financial services professional with a background in corporate finance, accounting, mergers & acquisitions, and strategy.

Adelaide most recently held the role of Director within the KPMG Mergers and Acquisitions practice and has previously held roles at BDO and Wilsons HTM Investment Group. Adelaide is currently a Non-executive director of VGI Global Investments Ltd, a listed investment company on ASX.

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