Hear from past participants

The Beef Australia International Program and Handshakes Program have achieved a great deal of success over the years and we are proud to share some success stories that have come out of these programs. We invite you to explore these testimonials and gain insight into the exposure that can be achieved through your involvement in these programs.

“In an event that can get very overwhelming, Handshakes is a great way to find and meet the people you are looking for.

The Handshakes program is a great way to introduce yourself to like minded business contacts and find unique opportunities over the week-long event.

Handshakes lets business contacts connect more directly by linking  areas of interest and key opportunities.

Handshakes lets you find and connect with the business opportunities you are seeking at Beef Australia.”.

Jennifer Wainwright Managing Director and CEO of AuxVenture

“CPC have found the Handshakes Program across several Beef Australia events to be very positive. We have been introduced to a variety of new customers, investors and suppliers.”

Troy Setter- Chief Executive Officer Consolidated Pastoral Company

“AUSTREX has attended almost every Beef Australia since its inception; the networking opportunities at the event are unmatched. In particular, the Handshakes Program provides a fantastic opportunity to engage with members of the international beef community within the social atmosphere of Beef Australia.

Through it, we’ve been able to connect with people we might not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet and gain some valuable insights on international markets, as well as make those valued business connections.”

Justin Slaughter, Chief Executive Officer Austrex

Principal Partners

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