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Alasdair MacLeod- Executive Chairman, Macdoch Group

Alasdair is Executive Chairman of Macdoch, a private investment company with offices in Sydney and London.

In Australia, Macdoch comprises a group of innovative Australian businesses striving to show how a resilient agricultural sector builds natural capital and contributes to global climate solutions.

He is Chairman of Macdoch Foundation, a philanthropic organisation which aims to build the resilience of people and the planet. Its work focuses on agriculture and food systems; climate change solutions; and healthy communities. Macdoch Foundation initiated Farming for the Future, a research program seeking to show how investment in on-farm natural capital is linked to farm profitability.

Alasdair is also Chairman of Soils for Life, an independent, non-profit organisation that works to support Australian farmers to regenerate soils, for resilient people, communities, businesses, and landscapes.

Marg Will- CEO Organic Systems & Solutions

Marg has extensive experience in organic standards development and implementation and in addition to Organic Systems & Solutions, currently serves as the Secretariat of the Organic Industry Standards and Certification Council (OISCC), the body responsible for maintaining the Organic Standard in Australia.

Marg recently completed the legislative framework review for the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources for the Australian Organic Industry, and co-developed the Organic Mark, The CTM Rules and the regulatory framework for the Mark, in order to process Market Access negotiations.

Marg lead the team to develop policy and procedures for the Organic Industry Standards and Certification Council for the maintenance and administration of the Commonwealth–owned National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce, and the successful accreditation to ISO9001:2015. Marg is a former General Manager of an Australian Organic Certification body, and has assisted Governments within Australia and overseas in implementing regulations.   Marg has many years’ expertise in Organic Primary Production and food processing and continues to assist farmers and manufacturers to become organic.

Su McCluskey- Special Representative of Australian Agriculture, Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry ( DAFF)

Su is a highly experienced senior executive and non-executive director and is the first Special Representative for Australian Agriculture. She is a director of Australian Unity Limited, LiveCorp, the Australasian Pork Research Institute and AWN Rural and a Commissioner for International Agricultural Research.

Su was previously the Chief Executive Officer of the Regional Australia Institute and the Council of Rural Research and Development Corporations and Executive Director of the Office of Best Practice Regulation.

Su has held senior positions with the Business Council of Australia, the National Farmers’ Federation and the Australian Taxation Office.

Su’s experience and expertise includes strong leadership, strategic thinking, financial management, governance, policy, advocacy and analytical skills. She has been a highly effective change manager in both the government and private sectors and has excellent networks across all levels of government and industry.

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