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Dr Michael Patching

Michael’s values are compassion, respect, and integrity. He is a veterinarian with a Masters in Animal Welfare, and significant experience in difficult conditions improving outcomes for Australian livestock in overseas countries, especially in Asia. Michael brings a unique perspective to the conversation on pain mitigation as he is both a technical expert and has been involved in all commercial elements of the supply chain from production, processing, to product marketing and market access. Michael’s purpose is to ensure that for those that choose to eat or use animal products they can do so knowing that we have done what we can to give them respect during their life and at death.

Dr. Sabrina Lomax 

Dr. Sabrina Lomax is Senior Lecturer in livestock behaviour and welfare with the Faculty of Science at The University of Sydney. She completed her PhD in 2011 examining topical anaesthesia for painful livestock husbandry procedures. Her current research program aims to promote best practice livestock production, with a focus on pain mitigation, objective measures of welfare and sustainable livestock production systems. Sabrina and her research team have made significant contributions to a change in practice regarding practical pain mitigation for cattle and sheep undergoing livestock husbandry procedures. She works closely with industry to facilitate adoption and secure the sustainability of the livestock industries. Sabrina and her family are beef breeders on the Northwest Slopes and Plains of NSW.

Su McCluskey 

Su McCluskey is the first Special Representative for Australian Agriculture. Tasked with demonstrating Australia’s sustainability credentials, Su advocates for the important role of science and risk-based decision making, while recognising there is no ’one size fits all’ approach to meeting global challenges. As an experienced senior business executive and company director, Su brings expertise in leadership, strategic thinking, financial management, governance, policy, advocacy and analytical skills. Currently, she serves as a director of Australian Unity Limited, LiveCorp, the Australasian Pork Research Institute and the Australian Wool Network. Su has also held senior positions with the Business Council of Australia, the National Farmers’ Federation, the Australian Taxation Office and until last year as a Commissioner for the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research. When she isn’t working to promote and enhance the agricultural sector, Su runs a beef cattle farm in Yass, New South Wales, continuously connecting her to the land on which she represents.

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