Speaker Profiles

David Johnston

David has been a beef cattle geneticist at AGBU for almost 28 years. During that time, David has been responsible for the design and management of several large beef cattle breeding projects, and the implementation of the research into BREEDPLAN. David is the project leader of a large MLA-funded breeding project in Queensland and the Northern Territory that is developing enhanced genetic evaluation of female reproduction traits through the implementation of new genomic selection techniques in tropically-adapted beef breeds. David spends considerable time interacting with the beef industry and has been an invited speaker at scientific forums, both nationally and internationally.

Paul Williams

Paul Williams is a Technical Officer with the Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI)’s extension services. In this role, Paul provides beef breeders with extension services and technical support to maximise understanding and use of genetic technologies, including the BREEDPLAN genetic evaluation. Paul previously worked in beef cattle research specialising in Real Time Ultrasound scanning for both carcase and fertility traits. Paul has been with ABRI since 2012 and is based in Rockhampton.

Tim Emery

Since 2009, Tim has delivered extension activities and provided technical support to the North Australian beef industry as a Beef Extension Officer with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) and Technical Officer with Tropical Beef Technology Services (TBTS). Over his career, particularly during his 4.5-year secondment with TBTS, he has spent considerable time working closely with commercial and seedstock producers to increase the adoption of BREEDPLAN and associated genetic technologies. Tim lives in Roma, is involved in his parents’ nearby beef business, owns a small breeding herd and was named a Zanda McDonald Award Finalist in 2021.

Principal Partners

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