Speaker Profile

Mark Eisele

2024 NCBA President

Mark Eisele, a Cheyenne, Wyoming resident and 2023 NCBA President, manages a family-owned ranch on nearly 25,000 acres, blending Red and Black Angus cow-calf pairs, retained yearlings, and custom haying. Situated just five miles from Cheyenne’s city limits, the ranch grapples with urbanization, energy development, and business park pressures. 

Combining private and leased grazing land, the operation produces alfalfa and native grass hay on 600 acres, earning accolades like the Leopold Conservation Award and Wyoming Stock Growers Environmental Stewardship Award in 2015. Eisele’s deep ranching roots and dedication reflect hard work, calculated risk management, and a strong industry network. 

His involvement with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) dates to 2009, contributing to committees and serving as a PAC donor. Eisele, married for 43 years to his wife, Trudy, enjoys family ranching, outdoor recreation, hunting, and volunteering. 

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