Speaker Profiles

Alison Crook

Allison was raised on a beef and grain property near Warwick in Queensland. After working in the veterinary pharmaceutical sector for 9.5 years, Allison joined the (then) Department of Primary Industries in Toowoomba as a Senior Veterinary Officer in May 1997. She has worked in a range of areas, including disease investigation and national residue programs, and co-ordinated a team of policy officers working in the animal biosecurity, animal welfare and ethics.

Allison was appointed to the role of General Manager, Animal Biosecurity and Welfare for Biosecurity Queensland within the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries in 2014. In this role, she holds responsibility as the Chief Veterinary Officer for Queensland. She has extensive experience in management of emergency animal diseases, including the foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in the United Kingdom in 2001, the successful equine influenza eradication response in 2007 –2008, multiple Hendra virus incidents, the white spot disease response in Queensland (2016-17) and the Japanese encephalitis response (2022).

Dr Samantha Allan

Samantha is a senior veterinarian and leader with extensive experience in managing complex biosecurity programs, and leading animal disease emergency preparedness and response activities. She has worked in high level government veterinary roles as well as rural clinical practice in Australia and abroad. She is currently the acting Chief Executive for Animal Health Australia and has expertise in strategic thinking, policy development, stakeholder engagement and problem solving; underpinned by her strong clinical and technical background in veterinary science.

David McNab

David has been with Biosecurity Queensland for over 30 years in multiple roles starting as a field-based stock inspector working in multiple centres across regional areas of Queensland. His career has seen him progress to policy roles & and was heavily involved in the development of new legislative frameworks under the Biosecurity Act. He has a long history of involvement in Queensland’s emergency biosecurity responses and as had significant contribution to the development of policies and procedures across a breadth of Queensland animal disease responses. He is currently manager for Emergency Animal Disease Preparedness Projects with the Animal Biosecurity team based in Brisbane.

Brigid Price

Brigid Price is a beef producer from Central Queensland and, alongside her family, own certified organic beef properties north of Injune and a commercial beef enterprise north of Rockhampton.  Price Cattle Company won the 2022 Farm Biosecurity Producer of the Year. Awarded in recognition of the proactive measures implemented within their business, the Prices are leading the way in farm biosecurity, innovation, technology, record keeping, environmental sustainability and business transparency. Brigid champions the importance of discussing the roles we all play in protecting our people, land, animals and businesses from biosecurity incursions.

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