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Seminar Schedule & Overview

Are you ready? Biosecurity perspectives on emergency animal disease response 

Presented by Queensland Government

If an emergency animal disease like foot and mouth or lumpy skin disease was to hit our shores, what would happen and are you ready?

This seminar will discuss the strategies, resources, and procedures currently in place to prevent and prepare for disease outbreaks relevant to the beef industry.  Attendees will hear from the Chief Veterinary Officer for Queensland, Animal Health Australia (AHA), and ground stories and experiences from a Queensland beef producer and field biosecurity officer.

A panel discussion will wrap up the event. The questions will cover each person’s part in preventing Emergency Animal Diseases (EAD), parts of a response, and tips for putting Queensland in the best possible position in the case of an emergency.

Date: Monday 6th May 2024 
Time: 8.00am – 9.30am 
Venue: James Lawrence B 
Price: $55+ online booking fee

Supporting the next generation of beef leaders 

Presented by Achmea Australia

This Beef2024 seminar panel session, titled “Supporting the Next Generation of Beef Leaders” is collaboration between specialist agricultural insurer Achmea Australia and Angus Australia as part of their multi-year strategic alliance. 

This expert and interactive panel session aims to provide insights and knowledge to support and guide today’s beef leaders, while also nurturing the agricultural leaders of tomorrow. 

Achmea Australia and Angus Australia are committed to investing in the next generation of leaders through initiatives like the GenAngus Future Leaders Program. 

This joint interactive session will cover various topics, including: 

  • navigating the changing landscape of the beef industry 
  • identifying the necessary skills and mindset for success 
  • identifying and capitalising on future opportunities in the industry, and  
  • empowering participants to face challenges during a time of rapid change and uncertainty.

Date: Monday 6th May 2024 
Time: 9.45am – 11.15am
Venue: James Lawrence A
Price: $55+ online booking fee

Australian Beef Industry 101

A Beef Australia International Seminar 

Whether you’re new to the Australian beef industry or just looking for a refresh on the core fundamentals, this seminar will give you an introduction to the Australian Beef Industry, provide you with a firsthand insight into how one of Australia’s largest beef cattle operations works and discuss how to build partnerships and do business in Australia.  

Michael Finucan, General Manager of Feedlots at JBS Australia will provide an industry overview that covers the key production systems, our grass and grain feeding programs, the industry systems that underpin our food safety and beef quality, and where our beef is sold around the world and why.  

Julie McDonald, Chief Financial Officer of MDH Pty Ltd, will take you on a deep dive into one of Australia’s largest beef cattle operations, running 150,000 head of cattle across 14 properties throughout Queensland, gaining insights into how they manage and operate their operation.  

Austrade will then discuss how our international partners and investors can best do business in Australia and tap into the many opportunities open across the Australian beef industry. 

Date: Monday 6th May 2024 
Time: 12.00pm – 1.30pm
Venue: James Lawrence A
Price: $55+ online booking fee, Free for registered International Program delegates

The Great Investment Debate – Equities v Bonds

Presented by Ord Minnett

Following an unprecedented rise in inflation and interest rates, investment markets have changed dramatically. Higher interest rates have meant higher yields are available on cash and fixed interest investments. Should bonds play a larger role in investment portfolios? Will equities provide superior capital growth? Where are the best investment opportunities for 2024 and beyond? How should you position your portfolio for the current economic outlook? 

Join Ord Minnett for an insightful seminar that will delve into equities and bonds, answering the burning questions so many of us are asking ourselves. 

Date: Monday 6th May 2024 
Time: 1.45pm – 3.15pm
Venue: James Lawrence A 
Price: $55+ online booking fee

The invisible elder: A different take on succession planning

Presented by Beef Australia

At 70, widely regarded farm succession expert Lyn Sykes takes to the stage to share the perspective of the older generation in the succession struggle.

In many cases, this generation established the farm, worked through some of the toughest times and produced an enthusiastic next generation of farmers. But they are either often ignored or accused of not sharing their thoughts.

Lyn provides some keen insights into why the Elders act like they do; and some hot tips for the generation taking their place. Lyn will be joined on the stage by Beef Australia Director and Lawyer, Trent Thorne. 

Date: Monday 6th May 2024 
Time: 2.00pm – 3.30pm
Venue: James Lawrence B 
Price: $55+ online booking fee

Our sustainable Australian beef industry – the achievements and opportunities from paddock to plate to be part of the climate solution  

Presented by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA)

As an industry, we’ve achieved a lot already, you could say more than all other industries in Australia. Having more than halved emissions, there are still some challenges ahead, but there are potentially huge opportunities for our industry – from genetics and grazing practices right the supply chain to the beef on our plate – to build our natural capital and become an integral part of the climate solution – all whilst producing one of the most nutrient dense products for a growing global population. 

In this seminar, you’ll hear from a cross section of industry participants as to what’s been achieved already and what’s on the horizon. 

Date: Monday 6th May 2024 
Time: 3.45pm – 5.15pm
Venue: James Lawrence A 
Price: $55+ online booking fee

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