Speaker Profiles

Kendrick Cox

Kendrick has 25 years research and development experience with tropical and subtropical pasture plants in Queensland and the local region.  He has specialist expertise in tropical pasture genetic resources, seed crop agronomy, pasture and fodder systems and plant evaluation.  Dr Cox leads the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries sown pastures research team in north Queensland which conducts research into the development, release and field testing of new pasture plant varieties.  He is also the curator for the tropical component of the Australian Pastures Genebank used for the development of new pasture grasses and legumes in northern Australia.

Gavin Peck

Gavin is a Principal Pasture Agronomist working on sown pastures in the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. He has research and extension experience in pastures, agronomy, soils, land management, conservation and downstream impacts of agriculture. Gavin currently leads the sown pastures team for southern Queensland in DAF and leads research, development and extension projects working on improving the productivity and sustainability of sown pastures in Queensland. In particular this work involves improving the reliability and productivity of pasture legumes to improve the performance of sown grass pastures.

Stuart Buck

Stuart is a Principal Pasture Agronomist with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. Stuart has spent over 25 years in central Queensland working on research, development and extension projects in dryland cropping systems, soil science, and sown pasture systems. Over the last 15 years Stuart has supported graziers establish and manage sown pastures including tropical legumes such as leucaena. In recent years Stuart has led the DAF pasture dieback program and currently leads the Central Queensland sown pasture team.

Peter O’Reagain

Dr Peter O’Reagain is a Principal Scientist with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Charters Towers. He worked as a rangeland scientist in South Africa before emigrating with his family to Australia in 1995.  In 1997 he and DAF colleague John Bushell established the Wambiana trial near Charters Towers to develop grazing strategies to improve sustainability and profitability in a variable climate. This research, plus a range of extension activities, comprise the new Improving Grazing Land Management in Queensland project. This aims to work with producers to improve land condition and increase the carrying capacity and productivity of the grazing industry.

Owen Price

Owen Price is a beef producer from Central Queensland and, alongside his family, own certified organic beef properties north of Injune and a commercial beef enterprise north of Rockhampton.  Price Cattle Company won the 2022 Farm Biosecurity Producer of the Year in recognition of the proactive measures implemented within their business. Innovation, technology, record keeping, environmental sustainability and business transparency are important to their business. In recent years pasture development has been a major focus to improve productivity and respond to challenges, including pasture dieback. Legume establishment has been a key component of their development program.

Kylie Hopkins

Kylie is a beef extension officer based in Rockhampton. For more than 10 years she has worked with central Queensland graziers to implement new practices in their business. Her experience in pasture, grazing and nutrition research and extension helps producers adopt practices to increase their productivity and profitability whilst taking good care of their country.

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