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Seminar Schedule & Overview

Resilient pastures to address threats to productivity in northern Australia

Presented by Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Pasture dieback, pasture rundown, land condition decline and climate variability pose challenges to Queensland beef production.  

This seminar will highlight the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries’ 5-year partnership with Meat and Livestock Australia, to deliver support for the grazing industry to better manage and develop native and sown pastures.  

Options for restoring and boosting the productivity of pastures include sustainable grazing management and the adoption of deep-rooted perennial legumes systems.  

Attendees will be updated on the testing of new legume and grass varieties, pasture establishment techniques and pasture management options. They will also be provided with information and contacts to access to more personalised support. 

Date: Friday 10th May 2024 
Time: 8.00am – 9.30am 
Venue: James Lawrence B
Price: $55+ online booking fee

Market Access and Biosecurity 

Presented by Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Commonwealth Biosecurity update:  

Deputy Secretary for Biosecurity and Compliance, Dr Chris Locke, will provide an update on priorities for Australia’s biosecurity system, including preparedness activities for emergency animal diseases. 

Trade, culture and sustainable systems:  

With changing consumer and market preferences, as well as increasing expectations to demonstrate our trade credentials, this session will explore trends, drivers, threats and opportunities in global trade; examine common themes shaping public policy for agriculture globally, such as climate change and agricultural sustainability; and highlight Australia’s work in shaping the global conversation. 

Date: Friday 10th May 2024 
Time: 9.45am – 11.15am 
Venue: James Lawrence A
Price: $55+ online booking fee

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