Food Vendor Application

Applications open now

Beef Australia attracts food enthusiasts with a pure love for beef, providing operators with a golden opportunity to connect with a wide range of customers who are eager to explore new and exciting flavours.

Beef2024 is seeking food trucks, mobile food outlets and coffee carts/vans to operate food and beverage functions at the 2024 event.

With a new precinct-based site map, food vendors will be placed in bustling, high-traffic areas ensuring maximum visibility for your food truck/van or pop-up food outlet.

Beef Australia 2024 will provide various opportunities to showcase your brand/product/service:

M’Eat StreetShell Scheme6m x 6m
Food Trucksup to 7m x 3m
BBQ PrecinctOutdoorup to 6m x 10m
Around the Grounds (Cattle, Partners,
Lifestyle, Ag/Machinery, Tech Yards, The Lawn)
Food Trucksup to 5m x 3m
Coffeeup to 4m x 3m
Snack/ Dessertup to 4m x 3m
Camping (Stud Cattle, Glamping, Tent City)  Coffee Van6am-9am daily
Food Van

Key Dates

  • Applications Open – 8th of August
  • Applications Close – 31st of January 2024
  • Offers to be made throughout the application open period

If you own a food truck, coffee van, catering business or restaurant and are interested in being a part of Beef Australia 2024, apply today via the application tile.

Principal Partners

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