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As operations gear up and we near closer to the Beef 2024 event, exciting Expression of Interests will come online.

Keep an eye on the below as we work to upload our tenders timeline to provide you with an overview and these opportunities.

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EOIResource Catering
DescriptionBeef Australia 2024 is seeking professional caterers to provide staff and volunteer meals for the event, including days pre and post the event days. A variety of meals and snacks will be required for our hard working teams. All meals and snacks will be required to be refrigerated with limited availability of heating equipment onsite. They should be easy to grab and eat on the run, but be nutritious and delicious.

Opportunity to manage catering onsite, or offsite and provide daily deliveries.
Estimated open dateJanuary 2024
Period open for1 month
Confirmation1 month after closing


EOIVeterinary Services
DescriptionBeef Australia is a public event attracting national and international visitors, it is important to consider the subjective nature of livestock welfare issues at the event. All persons responsible for livestock must handle appropriately and in accordance with the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001, and the applicable industry codes of practice.

The on-call veterinarian will be required to promptly treat in an appropriate manner any livestock diseased, injured or suffering from any condition.

Please submit a letter detailing your interesting in working as the on call after hours Veterinarian for Beef 2024. Please include details of industry experience and knowledge, previous experience or knowledge of the event and hourly rates.

EOI to be submitted to Marg Olive – margaret@beefaustralia.com.au
Estimated open dateDecember 2023
Period open forTo be advised
Confirmation1 month after closing
EOIVenue Theming
DescriptionBeef Australia Ltd is seeking the services of one or more Suppliers to provide Venue Theming to the Event Site (Internal) to meet the operational needs and overall visual enhancement to the venues. This includes concept, creation, installation, compliance and removal of theming and includes but is not limited to internal venues (eg. The Stadium, The Long Paddock, Celebrity Chef Restaurant, and feature events).

Supply and management of internal theming and design for the Beef Australia 2024 Stadium, Long Paddock and Celebrity Chef Restaurant spaces.

If you have any questions regarding the EOI and quoting, please contact:
Event Coordinator, Zoe Sparks – Zoe@beefaustralia.com.au, or
Event Manager, Tash Bury – natasha@beefaustralia.com.au
Estimated open dateJanuary 2024
Period open forClosing COB Friday 23 February 2024
EOIOnsite Theming, Design, Styling – Internal Venues
DescriptionBeef Australia 2024 is seeking professional event styling companies to consult on the design, theming and styling of function and event spaces as well as the overall event site, including signage, entry ways pop up photo opportunities and other elements that provide surprise and delight moments for patrons.
Estimated open dateJuly 2023
Period open for1 month
Confirmation1 month after closing
EOICelebrity Chef Program
DescriptionBeef Australia is seeking professional caterers or consultants to facilitate and manage the Beef Australia 2024 Celebrity Chef program.
The aim of the Celebrity Chef program is to showcase Australian Beef and all the ways it can be enjoyed by everybody by bringing prominent International and Australian Chefs to cook at Beef Australia 2024.
We are looking to take that story to “foodies” around the world with the Chefs being filmed at the Expo and streamed through our online media outlet “Beef TV”.
The Chefs will not only promote Australian Beef but they will inspire people to attend the 2024 Expo and also visit Queensland, Australia.
This will include the sourcing and management of chefs, menus and marketing requirements. Beef Australia will facilitate the build, service and management of the kitchen and restaurant (tender to be release upon appointment of the Program Management).
Estimated open date2023
Period open for1 month
Confirmation1 month after closing

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