Liam Cameron

Mentee Profile

Mentor; Tammy Kruckow

From Stock Person, to Station Hand and Pen Rider, Liam has had varying roles in the feedlot industry over the past 8 years. Now living in Wellington East, South Australia, Liam is the Livestock Operations Supervisor at Wellington Lodge Commercial Angus.

With the Graeme Acton Beef Connection Program and a passion for new ideas and change, Liam seeks to gain a greater understanding of what it means to be a leader within the beef industry and what it can transform into within this current time.

Liam’s program project, supported by Te Mania, will focus on preventing bull preputial breakdown by vaccination. He would like to investigate and measure the ability of a targeted vaccination program to reduce the incidence and or severity of blanoposthitis in virgin bulls during their first mating.

Principal Partners

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