Lauren Angus

Mentee Profile

Mentor; Richard Rains

Lauren was born and raised on a cattle station in Central Queensland, where her family ran breeders and had their own feedlot. She spent four years studying Meat and Animal Sciences at Colorado State University, and was heavily involved with both beef processing and ranching in Colorado. When she returned home, her family business took the big step to become fully vertically integrated and built their own, on-farm, beef processing facility, Signature Onfarm.

Now 12 months in as OIC and QA Manager of that abattoir, Lauren finds herself with a lifetime of experience but still new to the management and leadership side of her role. Through the Graeme Acton Beef Connections Program, Lauren aims to bridge that gap and push herself out of her comfort zone and begin building a great network of people around her.

Lauren’s program project will focus on exploring beef collagen as a packaging material to reduce plastic use in the beef industry.

Principal Partners

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