Isobel Heffernan

Mentee Profile

Mentor; Georgie Somerset

Isobel has a diverse background including actuarial science, data analysis, technology consulting (app development) strategy and government, but tells us none of her experience in previous sectors fulfils her like her career in agriculture does now.

Isobel is a Business Development Officer with the Northern Territory Cattleman’s Association based in Darwin. Over the past year and a half, Isobel has been working on a variety of projects to sustainably advance the NT beef industry through research, extension, advocacy, and policy. Through the Graeme Acton Beef Connections Program, Isobel aims to create long-lasting connections with like-minded peers and challenge herself through a personal project.

Isobel’s project will focus on developing robust data-driven policy to support Northern Territory beef producers. This will involve the annual collection and collation of high-level data from pastoralists for use in regional data analysis to inform policy making on issues such as workforce, infrastructure, land management, biosecurity, and industry development.

Principal Partners

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