Published 30 April 2024

Twynam have been in the business of producing genetics that work for commercial cattle for 40 years. With a stud that peaked with 2,000 cows producing bulls for our 20,000 commercial cows, we know what economics mean and what drives profit.

Today our focus is on producing animals that are feed efficient, with marbling along with the core requirements of structure, fertility and temperament.

Feed Efficiency
We select for feed efficiency to sustainably increase stocking rates, and to reduce the environmental footprint of our cattle genetics.
The scientific evidence confirms that the feed test results are highly correlated to mature animals performance, grass diets and also their Methane emissions.

We are UNIQUE. We are one of the very few studs in the world of any breed, that tests their male and female progeny.
Data we have collected over the last 6 years is showing that progress is evident, and that we are identifying animals that are genetically superior through generations.

Although we are NSW based, our cattle are well proven in the north with a large number of bulls sold to breeders in QLD and NT and some of our cows being found in the Consolidated Pastoral Company’s stud as donors in their ET program.

We breed Angus and a Twynam Composite.

For a number of years Twynam operated a composite program with Santas, Red Angus and Gelbvieh. The calves were sensational, but for various reasons we moved to 100% Angus. We believe that a large part of the Australian cattle industry have forgotten the benefits of hybrid vigour. Our composite comprises Angus, Wagyu, Euro and Bos Indicus breeds.

Twynam was a one of the founding partners for the Beef CRC and funded the Chair of Animal Breeding Technologies at UNE which created, what is now MATESEL.

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