Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society

Published 29 April 2024

The Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society (MGBCS) welcomes individuals and organizations passionate about Murray Grey and Greyman Cattle. Established in the 1960s, this society registers and manages these breeds, driving their remarkable growth in Australia and potentially worldwide during the 20th century. MGBCS offers diverse membership categories, catering to Full, Commercial, Youth, Schools, Colleges, and even international members. Committed to service, MGBCS aids members with registration, communication, marketing, and breed promotion. Additionally, the society guides breed policy, emphasizes economic well-being, upholds corporate governance, promotes research, nurtures international ties among Murray Grey Breeders, and champions Murray Grey cattle on the global stage. Headquarters are located in Armidale, New South Wales, with a special focus on youth engagement through the Murray Grey Youth Program for enthusiasts aged 25 and under.

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