Heathcote Gin

Published 26 April 2024

Heathcote Gin is one of those crazy ideas that landed the right way up and the founder – Clare Voitin – hasn’t looked back!

Clare’s passion for sustainable agriculture and farming has guided her towards producing a range of gins that reflect the region which inspired her to bring Heathcote Gin to life.

Creating a regional gin is more than just spirit in a bottle. It’s the journey of exploring local botanicals, the discovery of what may lie on the region’s doorstep and how this discovery may become an opportunity to share something special beyond the local community.

Simply put, making gin using the landscape of Heathcote as the palate is not only exciting but also niched. Nowhere in the world can a spirit be created quite like the one inspired by Heathcote to produce a ‘Spirit of the Region’.

With over 15 gins and cocktails on offer, Heathcote Gin continues to appeal to all gin lovers.

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