Gympie Welding Works

Published 29 April 2024

Gympie Welding Works was first established in Gympie in 1960, but has been an Australian family owned business since the early 1900’s. Originally commencing in the field of blacksmithing and farriering to support the original gold mining operations and rural producers throughout the greater Gympie region.

As the Company has continually evolved with the changing times, Gympie Welding Works now specialises in steel fabrication and welding to produce a range of products designed not only for the rural sector of Australia, but for the mining and building industries as well.

Gympie Welding Works will always continue to manufacture STUDMASTA Cattle Products to the highest quality and standard. STUDMASTA Cattle Products have been produced for our customers in diverse locations throughout Australia and the Pacific Region, also other countries which include South Africa, Israel and Taiwan.

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