Ark Energy Corporation

Published 26 April 2024

Ark Energy Corporation Pty Ltd is a leading Australian renewable energy company specialising in wind, solar and hydrogen.

Ark Energy is a subsidiary of Korea Zinc Co. Ltd., the world’s largest producer of zinc, lead and silver and a company with a proud 25-year history in Australia through its Sun Metals Corporation Pty Ltd zinc refinery in Townsville.

Korea Zinc is the first major refiner in the world to join the RE100 initiative and commit to powering its global operations through 100% renewable energy by 2050. Sun Metals is the largest private sector employer in Townsville, deeply embedded in the community and has made a significant contribution to the regional economy of North Queensland for more than two decades.

Established in January 2021, Ark Energy’s mandate is to decarbonise the energy supply of the Korea Zinc group starting with Sun Metals, which involves notoriously difficult-to-abate industry sectors including nonferrous metals refining and heavy haulage transport.

In 2022 Ark Energy completed its friendly acquisition of Australian wind and solar developer Epuron, and now owns a growing portfolio of wind and solar energy projects in Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania. It is also at the forefront of development of Australia’s green hydrogen industry through its Sun HQ Hydrogen Hub in Townsville and the Han-Ho H2 consortium focused on establishing a green energy export corridor from Queensland to South Korea.

Ark Energy is a signatory to the Australian Clean Energy Council’s Best Practice Charter for Renewable Energy Projects, a voluntary commitment to engage respectfully with communities, be sensitive to environmental and cultural values, and make a positive contribution to the regions in which it operates.

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