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How are you preparing for BEEF24?

Published 13 March 2024

Georgia Dale

Hi all! Interested to hear if you’re doing any prep to maximise your personal and professional development during and in the lead up to Beef?

It might be thinking about a project you’re working on and who you would like to learn from relevant to that.

Are you connecting with them prior to Beef, sharing some info about the topic you’re wanting to discuss with them?

Or are you attending an event or seminar that they are speaking at or hosting?

  • Jordan Watson

    Great opening for the discussion board, Georgia!
    So far, I have noted all the events I wish to attend in my calendar to ensure I don't miss any of them. I have also separated my professional and personal development days. After that, I contacted a few speakers and registered for their seminars. These seminars focus more on my professional development, and I plan to establish a relationship with these speakers during the week. I have also prepared a list of people I will contact a week or two before Beef to set up a meeting. Since this is my first Beef, I'd love to know about your planning process.

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