Tyrone Davis

Since our first introduction of our products to the market at Beef 2021, our business has rapidly grown.

  • We have sold and shipped feral pig’s traps to every corner of Australia.
  • We have entered the wholesale market with Nutrien Ag solutions, large hunting and outdoor stores stocking our products.
  • We are now receiving interest from the US, New Zealand and even Africa.

There is a massive need for quick and effective solutions for feral pigs, farmers are buying these traps in droves to effectively manage and control pigs on their properties. Selling our pig traps has led into another side of our business which is providing on site trapping programs.

We have now provided successful trapping programs for Stanwell Power Station, Gladstone Ports Corporation and looking to go to BHP (BMA) next. It was a great way to introduce our product to market at Beef 2021 and we look forward to attending Beef 2024.


-Fitzroy Basin Association “Trackers Traps are a central Queensland company dedicated to creating innovative, effective, and conventional traps. Their pig trap is cleverly designed to reduce hassle, save time, and increase effectiveness. Our favourite features are how easy it is to set the traps up and that multiple traps can be stacked for transport. The team at Trackers Traps are great to work with. They have a wealth of knowledge and are always keen to help find a practical solution.”

Peter & Donna Schubert, NT- These traps are very user friendly and so easy to re-locate. After years of unsuccessfully letting employees use their initiative to make a trap, we gave up because they just didn’t work due to poor design. We have purchased three of these traps and have never caught so many pigs. These work!
We wish this business every success.

For further information on Trucker Traps visit their website-

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