Tim Gentle

Since stepping up on stage at the 2021 Pitch In The Paddock, I would say the biggest takeaway for us was that we potentially might have been a little too far ahead of the curve and that the market wasn’t ready for what we were pitched. We learnt just how important timing is when launching a product and that nailing your value proposition is critical.

We pride ourselves on being futurists, but when pitching a new product to the market, it is so important to launch at the right time. We live and breathe technology here at Think Digital Studios, but we also recognise that not everyone is as advanced, or comfortable with tech as we are. We often need to educate people first about the benefits of technology first or simply wait until the technology is more accessible, affordable and understood. 

Even though we didn’t win Pitch In The Paddock, we didn’t bury our heads in the sand, nor have we taken no for an answer. We strongly believe in where the next evolution of computing is heading and needed to find others who had a similar view, we have now secured a University Partner and Producer who have that same vision and we’re developing the platform with them right now.

We also took learnings from Pitch In The Paddock mentoring and pitch deck presentation sessions and applied that knowledge to develop and pitch a completely new product to potential partners and had some great success. It was great to have the skills under our belt, and this time, we were more informed, experienced and calculated with our approach. Stepping up on stage at Pitch In The Paddock at Beef 2021 was our first experience in pitching a product, it certainly stretched us and we haven’t looked back since.

For more information on Think Digital visit their website- Virtual Reality in Agriculture – Immersive Technology Studio – Think Digital

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