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In November of 2022, ProAgni won $1 million USD at the Grow-NY Global Food and Agriculture Business Competition. Grow-NY is the most prestigious pitching competition in the world sponsored by Cornell University with prize money totalling $3 million USD.  ProAgni were the first Australian company to win. 

These are exciting times for ProAgni, as we will utilise part of the prize money towards providing a commercial beach head into the USA for ProAgni and it allows us to do further research including a project with Cornell University to provide further scientific evidence that quantifies the positive impact of ProTect on methane reduction, antibiotic reduction, and productivity gains in livestock production due to start January 2024

ProAgni also won the NSW Sustainability Award and the Australian Technologies Competition.  Both awards recognise ProAgni’s innovation in removing antibiotics while improving feed efficiency and ProTect’s ability to reduce methane emissions.

In May, ProAgni had our first peer reviewed publication. In May, ProAgni had our first peer reviewed publication. “The effects of antibiotic-free supplementation on the ruminal pH variability and methane emissions of beef cattle under the challenge of subacute ruminal acidosis.”  Published in Research in Veterinary Science – May 2023.

The two main conclusions of the paper were:

1.“ProTect … is an effective alternative to Monensin for preventing (acidosis) in feedlot cattle”; and

2.“ProTect supplemented cattle exhibited lower CH4 (methane) yield ….”

After 2 years of delays, the research trial of ProAgni’s shelf stable, dry form, probiotics by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland were concluded.  Results conclusively show the technology works and shelf stabilised bacteria can be applied to feed in dry form and then reanimated, brought back to life, in live production animals.  The immediate impact of this, as shown by the trial, is that animals can be transitioned to a full grain diet in 72 hours.

  • ProAgni is a founding partner of CRC SAAFE, which will invest nearly $150m in fighting antimicrobial resistance in Australia and is part of the winning FFAR Grant for the Greener Cattle Initiative for further research into methane reduction.
  • ProAgni has achieved record sales of ProTect for the month of May, and recently acquired our first sheep feedlot customer in Colorado and continue our US expansion.

For further information on Proagni visit their website-

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