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Harriet Mellish

Harriet Mellish is AgriFutures Australia’s General Manager of Global Innovation Networks; a focus area designed to engage with the global innovation system and ensure Australia is a leader in accessing and adopting as well as developing and exporting agrifood technologies and innovation.

Within this role Harriet oversees AgriFutures Australia’s engagement with agrifood technology and innovation through programs such as AgriFutures growAG. platform, AgriFutures evokeAG. and the AgriFutures Producer Technology Uptake Program.

Prior to her appointment at AgriFutures Australia, Harriet held positions within the Coles Group spanning 9-years, including Head of Strategy and Transformation, and Business Category Manager. In her new role, Harriet brings international experience in fresh food sourcing, leading strategy, digital transformation, commercialisation, and operations.

Throughout her career, Harriet has landed digital innovation from processing to product ranging in store, launched new product ranges and driven business transformation for the Coles Meat, Deli, and Seafood business unit.

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