Phillip Zada- Stoktake

The elevator pitch

We aim to provide a low-cost, integrated, high-accuracy assurance, traceability, and verification platform, enabling the entire supply chain with a new standard for a connected livestock ecosystem.

About Phillip Zada

Dr. Phillip Zada, a distinguished technologist, founded Stoktake, an innovative platform in the agricultural sector known for its unique application of facial recognition technology for livestock. This cutting-edge approach positions Stoktake at the forefront of agricultural technology, offering unprecedented accuracy in livestock management. The platform’s AI-driven facial recognition system represents a significant leap forward in enhancing traceability and reducing risks for farmers and ranchers.

Under Dr. Zada’s leadership, Stoktake has become synonymous with practical, efficient, and transformative agricultural solutions. His vision for Stoktake extends beyond traditional livestock management, incorporating user-friendly technology to make advanced solutions accessible to a broad agricultural audience. His expertise ensures that Stoktake remains a vital tool in modern agriculture, marrying technological innovation with everyday farming needs.

Dr. Zada’s commitment to innovation is evident in Stoktake’s success. His work exemplifies a unique blend of technological acumen and a deep understanding of agricultural challenges, driving forward a new era in livestock management.

Principal Partners

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