Joanne Barber – Just Meat Co

The elevator pitch

Years of CSIRO-backed research has led to a process which converts red meat into a nutrient-dense and allergen-free ingredient which can be added to any food product or sold as a supplement.

About Joanne Barber

Joanne, a seasoned executive, having the privilege to work across agriculture, aquaculture, and tourism, prioritises aggregating the smartest people in the room to create the most impact for the world. Former COO at FutureFeed (IP owned by CSIRO, MLA, JCU), she led a pivotal collaborative effort harnessing scientific advances for climate solutions. Her expertise spans complex regulations, harmonizing carbon markets, and value chain management for successful product launches.

In the livestock sector, Joanne began as an auditor almost two decades ago. She later transitioned into Australian Organic’s and led the commercial, marketing and communications division. At FutureFeed, she worked on growing commercial markets where the demand for reducing cattle methane emissions by feeding seaweed (Asparagopsis), potentially cutting emissions by over 80%. Throughout her career, Joanne built a robust network, collaborating with government and industry partners.

Proficient in team building and driving market demand, Joanne has spearheaded startups in sustainable biotechnology and natural ingredients. Her endeavours highlight her capacity to drive meaningful change, with a focus on commercial, environmental, and social impact. Joanne’s work bridges commercial innovation and climate solutions.

Principal Partners

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