Dr Bronwyn Darlington- Agscent

The elevator pitch

Agscent pioneers breath-based livestock diagnostics— set to revolutionize methane measurement, pregnancy testing, and disease diagnostics with an affordable, cutting-edge nanotechnology platform.

About Dr Bronwyn Darlington

When it comes to innovation in agriculture, Bronwyn Darlington’s experience is born from living and working on the family’s 5,000-acre cattle and sheep property.  Driven by the need for advanced cattle management techniques and a deep knowledge of the way technology in other sectors has disrupted and transformed them, Bronwyn founded Agscent. She sought to adapt breath diagnostics technology, designed for humans and apply this to pregnancy detection and disease identification/management in order to transform animal health and management. This concept gained momentum with the support of NASA and their ENose sensors.

Bronwyn brings more than 30 years industry experience in a variety of sectors, including senior roles in mining, engineering, agriculture, local government, finance, and textile and apparel design and manufacturing, to bear in Agscent. She has a Ph.D. in Economics focused on consumer psychology and behavioural economics. It is her work teaching the Sydney University Global Executive MBA subject, ‘Finding Opportunity in Disruption’ which linked technology developments in space, medicine, and AI to the opportunity available for livestock and precision agriculture. 

She is a serial entrepreneur and inventor.

Principal Partners

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