Beau Skerrett- StockProtecta

The elevator pitch

StockProtecta is a versatile portable plastic panel developed to provide farmers with a simple tool to improve yard flow, minimize outside distractions and increase stock & operator safety

About Beau Skerrett

Growing up on a mixed cropping, cattle, and sheep farm in Werris Creek, NSW, I was familiar with the yards from an early age. I spent extensive hours accompanying my father, assisting with farm tasks, and envisioning the time when I could manage my own farm. However, that aspiration had to be put on hold when, as a young teenager, we moved to Brisbane for my education. Following graduation, I pursued another passion of mine worldwide – breaking in, training, and competing with polo ponies for some of the world’s top polo players. After accumulating a wealth of experience and enduring a few broken bones, I returned to Australia. I secured a position managing a small herd of Full-blood Wagyu on a boutique property. After a few years, accompanied by my wife, we acquired a property just outside Warwick, QLD, to establish our own boutique horse and cattle operation.

Following an influx of record rainfall shortly after our relocation, we found it necessary to relocate the cattle yards to a drier section of the property. This process involved disassembling the poly belt, rolling it up, relocating it, and then reassembling the belt—an arduous task nobody particularly desires. As our herd expanded, we took over leased land with antiquated wooden cattle yards. Challenges with these yards spurred our current quest to develop a solution: a lightweight, easily deployable, and universally accessible portable visual barrier that safeguards livestock from injuries.

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