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How large commercial scale ranches in the USA are addressing climate and environmental challenges

A discussion on how and what ranching in the USA is changing based on climate, emissions and natural capital value opportunities.  The discussion will also include the Impact Ag beef branding and vertical integration strategy to market low carbon nature positive beef.

Speakers: Zach Jones, 5th generation Montana rancher and Bert Glover, Founder and Managing Director of Impact Ag Partners.
Facilitated by: Mick Hewitt, CEO & Managing Director, Hewitt Foods

Date: Wednesday 8th May 2024 
Time: 9.00am – 10.00am
Venue: NBN Tech & Innovation Stage
Price:  Ticketed – Free


Time: 12.00pm – 1.15 pm
Price: Free

12.00pm GPS ear tags technology:  features and benefits;  software platform and integration;  success stories – presented by Darren Wolchyn, CEO – Smart Paddock

12.15pm How Farmo’s water rat breaks down the barriers to technology adoption on farms – presented by Nick Seymour – Farmo

12.30pm How to improve on-farm communication through farm management software – discussion and case studies – presented by Melanie Brown – Mobble

12.45pm Use of flux towers and soil carbon models – presented by Ben Sawley, CEO – Agrimix

1.00pm Tags for Tonnes:  unlocking her management and sol performance – presented by Matthew Warnken, Managing Director –AgriProve


Environmental Credentials for Grassfed Beef
Presented by MLA

Julia has a background in agricultural science, agtech and startup investment. In her role as CN30 Project Manager with Meat & Livestock Australia, she is responsible for identifying high impact R&D opportunities that deliver progress towards the red meat sector’s net zero target by 2030. Prior to joining MLA, Julia was Head of Operations at SproutX, a national accelerator and venture fund for food and agtech startups based in Melbourne.

Date: Monday 6th May 2024 
Speaker: Julia Waite
Time: 10.00am – 10.30am
Venue: NBN Tech & Innovation Stage
Price: Free

Catalysing diversity in agtech: bridging gaps and breaking barriers  
Presented by evokeAG

Agtech operates at the intersection of several industries, and there are significant opportunities to shift toward a more inclusive and diverse ecosystem.

Despite higher numbers of female graduates in agriculture within higher education, concerns persist regarding women inadvertently opting out of agtech careers. Additionally, accessibility barriers present significant challenges for individuals with disabilities, emphasizing the imperative for concerted efforts to enhance inclusivity.

This panel is committed to directly addressing these challenges, featuring insights from two female founders on how agtech and rural Australia can thrive through improved representation at the founder level. In addition to gender, the discussion will encompass challenges related to regional diversity and disabilities.

The panellists, drawing from their experiences as female founders, will delve into the transformative potential of technology and explore proactive measures to foster a more inclusive agtech ecosystem.


  • Harriet Mellish, General Manager Global Innovation Networks, AgriFutures Australia
  • Josie Clarke – Founder Ability Agriculture
  • Elisha Parker – Director Cattlesales Pty Ltd, Non-executive Director NBN, Non-Executive Director Beef Australia

Date: Wednesday 8th May 2024 
Time: 11.15am – 11.45am
Venue: NBN Tech & Innovation Stage
Price: Free

Zero Net Emissions from Agriculture Cooperative Research Centre
Presented by Queensland Government

The Zero Net Emissions from Agriculture Cooperative Research Centre (ZNE-Ag CRC) aims to catalyse industry, community and government action to achieve Zero Net Emissions from agriculture from 2040, and below zero net emissions by 2050. Agriculture directly contributes to 14% of Australia’s national emissions. Our goal is to ensure Australia’s agricultural industries keep growing, while they simultaneously achieve ZNE by 2040 and exceed international emissions reduction targets by 2050.

Emissions reduction is often seen as a cost burden that creates a trade off against economic imperatives that drive productivity, profitability, growth and asset building – perceived as a win-lose situation.

The ZNE-Ag CRC Win-Win approach, however, will harness and coordinate opportunities to create win-win through rapid research, development and adoption of science and technology-led solutions, driven by our industry and government partners.

Speaker: Richard Heath, CEO, Zero Net Emissions from Agriculture CRC

Date: Wednesday 8th May 2024 
Time:  1.45 – 2.15 pm
Venue: NBN Tech & Innovation Stage
Price: Free

Data Driven Narratives: Graziers, Emissions, and the Supply Chain
Presented by Ruminati

A panel discussion facilitated by Peter Leihn, CEO, Ruminati. 

Panel members: 

  • Matt Brown, Brown Country Cattle Consultants
  • Wyn Snyman, CEO, AuctionsPlus
  • Natasha Greenwood, General Manager Agribusiness, CBA and
  • Rebecca Honeysett, Head of Sustainable Sourcing ANZ, McDonalds Aust.

Date: Wednesday 8th May 2024 
Time:  2.30pm – 3.00pm
Venue: NBN Tech & Innovation Stage
Price: Free

Trough Tactics: Mastering trough data for mustering intelligence
Presented by Farmbot

You would think remote water management was only about knowing how much water there is, when and where, but it isn’t. Join Tess O’Hagan, Farmbot and a cattle producer to hear firsthand how they are using trough data to know when to check cattle and the best time to muster.

Speakers: Tess O’Hagan
Date: Wednesday 8th May 2024 
Time: 3.15pm – 3.45pm
Venue: NBN Tech & Innovation Stage
Price: Free

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