Mark Olive

Chef Profile

Mark Olive, aka ‘The Black Olive’, is Australia’s most celebrated indigenous chef.

Over the past 30 years, Mark has become a well-known Australian icon with his charismatic style and creative approach to food. Mark’s passion for fusing native food and culture with contemporary lifestyle cooking has led to an international profile specialising in gourmet Australian Indigenous Cuisine. He created and starred in his own television series “The Outback Café” which can still be seen internationally, as well as a host on SBS “A Chef’s Line”, “On Country Kitchen”, “Good Cooks” and various other cooking, lifestyle and travel shows nationally and globally. Recently, Mark has appeared on “The Celebrity Apprentice”, “The Cook Up with Adm Liaw” and “Big Mob Brekky”.

As a Bundjalung Man, Mark’s family originated from the Northern Rivers region in NSW. Born in Wollongong, on Australia’s south coast, he became interested in cooking as a child, watching his mother and aunts prepare meals. It fascinated him. He trained under a European chef and has worked in a number of kitchens around the globe. 

Well known for his unexpected way, Mark’s unique style and passion for cooking with a variety of ingredients, some found in our own back yard, and combining both protein and plant foods is a desired brand. This paired with his charismatic nature and no fuss narration has held him in high demand.  Cooking/Demonstrating regularly for clients such as Tourism Australia, large corporates, along with public and cultural events around the country and the world. As part of Oprah’s Ultimate Audience, her lucky guests were treated to a cultural experience of indigenous food, art and storytelling during Mark’s infamous cooking demonstration. Since then, Mark has entertained a host of dignitaries and varied audiences around the world bringing his signature combinations of contemporary outback flavours to every occasion. He is in demand on film sets as a special treat to visiting Talent and crew.

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