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Agricultural Hall

Australian Butcher Team


Australian Butcher Team

Brights Natural Beeswax


Bright’s Natural Beeswax is a small family business locally owned on the Gold Coast, since year 2000.
We manufacture our product (by hand) boutique style natural beeswax products with essentials oil. Our products are 100% natural and environmentally friendly products all Australian made.
Our range of products are skin body moisturisers, body relief, lip balm, all-purpose wax leather wood balsam, pet & equine balm


Bunyip’s Hemp Farms


Bunyip’s Hemp Farms Pty Ltd is a pioneering company specializing in the production and distribution of high-quality hemp-derived products. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Bunyip’s Hemp Farms harnesses the natural power of hemp to create a diverse range of offerings. From organic skincare and wellness products to nutritional supplements and pet care solutions, our brand is committed to delivering exceptional, eco-friendly alternatives for everyday needs. With a dedication to promoting health and well-being, Bunyip’s Hemp Farms provides customers with trusted, ethically sourced hemp-derived products that are free from harmful chemicals and additives. Experience the natural wonders of hemp with Bunyip’s Hemp Farms.


Garlic Essentials


Heathcote Gin


Heathcote Gin is one of those crazy ideas that landed the right way up and the founder – Clare Voitin – hasn’t looked back!

Clare’s passion for sustainable agriculture and farming has guided her towards producing a range of gins that reflect the region which inspired her to bring Heathcote Gin to life.

Creating a regional gin is more than just spirit in a bottle. It’s the journey of exploring local botanicals, the discovery of what may lie on the region’s doorstep and how this discovery may become an opportunity to share something special beyond the local community.

Simply put, making gin using the landscape of Heathcote as the palate is not only exciting but also niched. Nowhere in the world can a spirit be created quite like the one inspired by Heathcote to produce a ‘Spirit of the Region’.

With over 15 gins and cocktails on offer, Heathcote Gin continues to appeal to all gin lovers.


JD’s Jerky House


JD’S jerky House brings you award-winning premium beef jerky with the best Aussie flavours that you can see and taste in our delicious, fully-trimmed, low-fat jerky!
Try all the delicious flavours today- I bet you can’t pick a favourite , they are all so GOOD!

When you shop with us, you are supporting local communities and healthy food weds. Interested in learning more about the practices behind your purchase? Get in touch! We have answers.


Kev’s Jerky


Kev’s jerky is a locally owned and operated award-winning beef jerky manufacturer located in the Rockhampton region with 12 amazing flavors to choose from.


King River


Kitchen Language


Kitchen Language…cheekiness not for the faint hearted! This fun Aussie brand sells sweary aprons, tea towels, stubby holders, keyring bottle openers, cardboard coasters and greeting cards perfect for potty mouths 18+ You’ll sure get a laugh visiting the Kitchen Language stand and will definitely walk away with a whole lot of unique and funny products!

Manildra Group


Stand Up Right


Mineral Enhanced Orthotics (increase your strength and balance instantly)


TurmeriX Central Qld


TurmeriX is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. We at TurmeriX are proudly a wholefood turmeric powder and capsule product that is listed with the TGA here in Australia.
More importantly, TurmeriX is very unique, as our ingredients are sourced from bio-dynamic farmers….so this means, there has been no chemical compounds used to create our formula. No pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and nothing nasty added in and equally important, nothing good has been extracted out of it either.
Come and see Nadette from TurmeriX in the Agricultural Hall, Site A4 and find out how you too can enjoy the many benefits of including TurmeriX as part of your daily routine.


WaterPark Farm



Wine Selectors


Welcome to Wine Selectors. For over 45 years, we’ve worked to bring our customers the best in Australian wine through our wine subscriptions, tasting notes and guides, events, Selector magazine, and Members Extras. Experience premium Australian wines, hand-selected by our expert Tasting Panel from over 500 boutique and big-name producers across our great wine regions.


Cattle Precinct

5 Star Senepol


Advance Bull Sale


Angus Australia


With a mission ‘to maximise the profitability and sustainability of members through innovation and service,’ Angus Australia is focused on supporting the genetic improvement and marketability of Angus and Angus-influenced cattle and beef.

Angus Australia is built on the core values of integrity, engagement, excellence, respect, resilience, and simplicity, to allow for versatility within the breed and ensure there are ‘Angus for every system’.

Angus Australia looks forward to showcasing the traits that make Angus cattle so sought after across the country at Beef2024 as well as presenting the latest outcomes and developments from the programs run by Angus Australia.

‘Be Angus, Be Proud’ and make sure you visit Angus Australia at Beef Australia 2023!

For more information, make sure you follow us on socials to stay up to date on our website www.angusaustralia.com.au


Ascot Cattle Co


Ascot Cattle Co is a seedstock producer at Warwick Qld with 500 Angus & Charolais stud females.
Ascot Cattle Co is committed to selecting and breeding superior Angus & Charolais genetics. We prioritise traits such as growth, carcass quality, fertility, and adaptability with a strong MSA focus. Our extensive breeding program and strategic genetic selection ensure customers receive cattle with exceptional genetic potential.
Ascot Cattle Co has a track record of delivering impressive performance in our cattle. Our breeding programs consistently yield calves with high weaning weights, fast growth and high MSA carcass characteristics. Customers can expect animals that meet or exceed industry standards, providing them with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
Annual on-property Bull & Heifer sale held in September.


Australian Braford Society Inc


The Australian Braford Society established in 1962 is an organisation to promote the adaptability and versatility of this unique breed.

Australian Brahman Breeders’ Association


The Australian Brahman, developed from the world’s leading Brahman Bloodlines and selected to strengthen their natural ability to adapt as well as improve production traits. Brahman Cattle play a major role in the supply chain for Australian domestic and premium beef export markets and are the breed of choice for Australia’s live export market to feedlots in Asia. The use of cross breeding using Brahmans in recognition of their hybrid vigour is evidenced in increased production and profitability. Brahmans and their derived crosses represent close to 75% of the beef herd, a significant vote of confidence in the continuing economic advantages of Australia’s number 1 tropical Breed – The Australian Brahman. For more on Australian Brahmans visit www.brahman.com.au


Beefmaster Breeders Australia


Beefmaster Breeders Australia welcomes you to Beef Australia and our Beefmaster display. The cattle you’ll see will impress you on a number of levels, phenotype, fertlility, temprement, weight, and market suitablity. In the breed known for the six esentials of economic importants we place a heavy focus on our cow herds weaning rates and weights. Feed conversion data will be on display for this years crop of bulls. If you’re coming to Beef week in 24 to see inovation then please check out the cattle at Australian Beefmaster Breeders.


Belmont Red Association of Australia


The Belmont Red Association oversees the promotion of the breed. The main charter of the Association is the handling of the herd book registrations and is the portal for breeders to access the Belmont Red database at BREEDPLAN.


Bimbadeen Cattle Co


Bimbadeen Brangus
(Bimbadeen Cattle Co)
Proudly producing top quality red & black Brangus seedstock for stud & commercial beef operations.


Brangus Australia


Brangus Australia represents one of Australia’s fastest-growing breeds. The recent inclusion of Ultra animals to our register has seen the reach and relevance of Brangus Australia expand even further in both the seedstock and commercial beef cattle industries.
Brangus Australia promotes and supports the Brangus breed in the Australian cattle industry. We empower breeders and enthusiasts through education and innovation, ensuring the growth, excellence, and profitability of Brangus cattle.
We are committed to a community thriving on quality, sustainability, and breed integrity.


Charbray Society of Australia


Launched in 1977 the Charbray Society of Australia’s primary objective is to encourage the improvement, exhibition, and sale of Charbray cattle.
Managed by respected Charbray seed stock producers, this guidance has seen Charbray genetics evolve with the creation of a carefully planned breeding programme based on factors to improve consistency and heritability of the important beef attributes the breed possesses.
The modern Charbray has moved to the next level establishing them firmly in the marketplace as a mainstream breed being increasingly utilized by beef cattle operations for their versatility, superior performance, and marketability.


Devon Court Herefords


Devon Court Herefords, established in 1932, is based in the Western Downs region on 24,000 acres, 15km north-west of Drillham, Queensland Australia. Devon Court Herefords has been operating for over 3 generations and remains a family owned and operated business.

The Devon Court Herefords stud comprises of 300 stud female and an additional 650 commercial cows alongside a grain farming enterprise. Our internationally known Devon Court Herefords breeding program is renowned for providing high-quality seed stock. Our program focuses on the future innovation of genetics, technology and producing an ethically supplied and sustainable herd.


Droughtmaster Australia


Droughtmaster cattle were recognised as a Queensland icon by the National Trust in 2006. The breed has a proud history dating back to the 1930s and was developed by pioneering Australian cattlemen to suit the Australian environment.
Droughtmaster Australia is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1962 and represents the interests of Droughtmaster beef producers across the country, with over 740 members and over 39,000 registered females.
The majority of our members are located in rural communities Australia-wide and provide employment in these areas as well as contributing to regional economies.
In August 2023, Droughtmaster Australia was recognised as an ABA100winner for Business Transformation in the Australian Business Awards.


Hamdenvale Brahmans


Hamdenvale Brahmans specialises in providing the Australian Brahman Industry with International genetics, some of which are not readily available in Australia with a view to helping improve the Australian Brahman Herd.

Hamdenvale holds an Annual Females of the Future Sale which offers Brahman Breeders to opportunity to share in these genetics along with offering a small number of bulls for sale at several major sales during the year.


JJ Fitting


JJ Fitting Service based 35km from Rockhampton provides the preparation of sale and show cattle specialising in Bos Indicus & Bos Taurus cattle. This BEEF Kraken Brangus (also owned by Jason Jeynes & Julie Sheehan), Grangeburn Simmentals (Carracher family) & Jarravale Simmentals (Jarratt Family) as clients of JJ Fitting will have some very special cattle & genetics available for inspection & purchase onsite. Kraken Brangus will also have show cattle in the Brangus shed.
Visit Site 097 located near the Brangus & Brahman Associations to have a chat, see some great cattle and enter an awesome competition.


Marellan Shorthorns


Moongool Charolais, Brahmans and Simbrahs


Moongool is a family operated Seed Stock and commercial operation based in the Maranoa and Western Qld area where we breed Charolais, Brahman and Simmental Genetics.
The annual on property Bull Sale is conducted in September at “Moongool “ Yuleba Qld, however paddock Bulls are available all year round, This year at Beef Australia our Genetics can be viewed on site 70 – look forward to catching up. Sent from my iPhone=

Planchonella Hill Senepols


Planchonella Hill is a leading Senepol and composite operation situated in North West NSW. We pride ourselves on breeding cattle that are ready to work and able to withstand a wide range of climates and country. Please come to see us at our site and find out more about our operation, breeding values and the value we believe our cattle can provide your business.


Popplewell Composites


Popplewell Composites supplies over 300 breeding bulls per year to Northern Australian customers to value add with genetic gain and hybrid vigour. World first leaders in Beef Cattle Genomic Evaluation; all bulls are bred using the Company’s propriety genetic evaluation pipeline GenoRater® and a large records data base of DNA and cattle records from Northern Australia. Having started with the best genetics from foundation lines of Adapted Bos Taurus, British/European and Bos Indicus breeds and having then applied 16 years of selection for Fertility, Meat Quality, Growth, Adaptation and Polled; Popplewell Composite bulls have ‘Genetics like no other cattle’.


Santa Gertrudis Breeders’ (Australia) Association Ltd

075-076 /081-082

Necessity brought about the creation and development of the Santa Gertrudis beef cattle breed, enabling the benefits of increased production even in harsh conditions. They have gone on to become one of the leading breeds in Australia, excelling in the areas of crossbreeding, weight for age, food conversion efficiency, and daily weight gain.

The Santa Gertrudis Breeders` Association of Australia aims to promote the virtues and benefits of the breed, while maintaining and further developing the standard of excellence developed by our classification system.


Savannah Cattle Co


Seifert Belmont Reds


Tropically adapted Bos taurus cattle for Australia and South America.

Seifert Belmont Reds runs a large cattle genetics business across three properties in Queensland. Family owned and operated by Ian Stark and Jeanne Seifert, we are the largest breeder of Belmont Reds, and join approximately 2,000 BREEDPLAN recorded females annually, producing 400 – 600 bulls for sale across northern Australia.
Our bulls are renowned for their exceptional fertility, true tropical adaptation and tick resistance, genuine docility, polledness and Bos Taurus genetic make-up.
We are renowned for our client service, to continue to improve the contribution our bulls make to their businesses, and for our fastidious approach to high integrity data collection which underpins our genetics.


Shorthorn Beef

059-060 /064-065

“Profit comes in Colour”

We are innovative and collaborative. Shorthorn genetics produce superior maternal cows, creating high-performance feeder steers and an outstanding eating quality product.

Speckle Park International


Speckle Park International (“SPI”) is the breed society and registering body for Speckle Park cattle in Australia and New Zealand.  SPI is a highly-focused strategic organisation, focussed on delivering positive outcomes for its membership and cementing Speckle Park cattle at the forefront of quality beef production world-wide.


Wattle Grove Speckle Park


Exhibition Hall

ABS Australia


ABS Australia part of ABS Global who is the world‐leading provider of bovine genetics & artificial insemination technologies. Marketing in more than 70 countries around the globe, ABS has been at the forefront of animal genetics and technology since its founding in 1941. We assist in speeding up your genetic improvement so you Profit from Genetic Progress to help nourish the world.




Agri-Gene Pty Ltd is Australia’s largest privately owned Bovine Artificial Breeding company based in Wangaratta, Victoria.
We work closely with over 150 local Australian resellers to distribute our Semen & Artificial Breeding products Australia wide.
We are an Australian Government approved semen & embryo Export storage facility and specialise in importing and exporting elite Bovine genetics. Our domestic sires are sourced from the very best Australian Dairy and Beef genetics available with most sires available for export.
We are also the exclusive Australian distributor for several leading international companies.


Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI)


The Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI) is proudly recognised as a leading provider of innovative products, services, and technology solutions, including breed registry software, breed secretariat services and the provision of the BREEDPLAN® genetic evaluation. Delivered on a global scale, these products and services allow ABRI to meet the diverse needs of clients across the Australian and international livestock industries. Our clients benefit from improved profitability, while achieving efficiencies and sustainability using our range of innovative technology solutions.


Alta Genetics


Alta are a global beef and dairy genetics company, specialising in genetic consultation. At Alta our mission is simple. CREATE VALUE, BUILD TRUST & DELIVER RESULTS. We are focussed on bringing you the best solution, whilst ensuring you are well supported with advice & assistance from your local Alta Advisors. We are dedicated to helping you make decisions that meet your needs with skilled Alta people in beef breeding and reproduction. We enjoy working with our clients to build long lasting relationships, and utilising genetics which best work for your farming business.


Angus Australia


With a mission ‘to maximise the profitability and sustainability of members through innovation and service,’ Angus Australia is focused on supporting the genetic improvement and marketability of Angus and Angus-influenced cattle and beef.

Angus Australia is built on the core values of integrity, engagement, excellence, respect, resilience, and simplicity, to allow for versatility within the breed and ensure there are ‘Angus for every system’.

Angus Australia looks forward to showcasing the traits that make Angus cattle so sought after across the country at Beef2024 as well as presenting the latest outcomes and developments from the programs run by Angus Australia.

‘Be Angus, Be Proud’ and make sure you visit Angus Australia at Beef Australia 2023!

For more information, make sure you follow us on socials to stay up to date on our website www.angusaustralia.com.au


Beef Breeding Services


Black Box Co


Black Box Co is an individual animal analysis and insights software that gives the producers the power of a virtual integrated supply chain. With data from beyond the point of sale Black Box Co can help producers maximise on farm profits, minimise discounts and enhance sustainability. Built by farmers Black Box Co can help you with everything from what to collect, when to collect it and what to do with your latest insights.


Ceres Tag


Ceres Tag is a cutting-edge insight platform that is revolutionizing the way livestock is managed. Our smart ear tags for livestock enable producers to monitor the location, health, and behaviour of their animals direct to satellite, providing valuable data that can help to make informed decisions about their herd genetics and management to improve operational efficiency. Our latest development, Pasture Feed Intake provides summary data on dry matter intake and methane emission estimates; as well as grazing time and walking time. Ceres Tag is committed to innovation, sustainability, and animal welfare through connecting people with animals.


Charolais Society of Australia


The Charolais Society of Australia is the peak body for promotion and registration of Charolais cattle in Australia. The Charolais breed was the first European cattle breed to arrive in Australia and the breed continues to dominate this sector of the industry. The Charolais Society stands behind the Society motto of “Cross Into Profit” taking advantage of the benefits of crossbreeding. With increased growth and muscle capabilities, Charolais have attributes that will fit into future sustainability frameworks.


Genetics Australia Holdings Pty Ltd


Genetics Australia is proud to be leading the way in genetic products and services, partnering with Australian cattle producers to breed better beef herds.


Goldstar Genetics


Hamilton Park Pastoral Co


Wagyu Livestock Genetics, Primary Production and Grazing




Herefords Australia


Our role is to drive unprecedented demand for Hereford genetics and strengthen the breeds renown for fertility, productivity, efficiency and carcase quality. We invest in R&D that delivers outcomes to support greater rates of genetic gain and deliver production and profitability benefits for the supply chain. We are focussed on the future to ensure Hereford cattle support the sustainability of the industry from an economic, social and environmental perspective. Our youth programs connect the next generation of beef enthusiasts with the direction of a modern outcome focussed society using the foundations of a traditional major breed. We have over 1400 members, 9 employees and are governed by 9 board members who are highly skilled and passionate about the beef cattle industry.


Inventia Genetic Technologies


IGT – Australia’s most trusted bovine IVF provider

IGT was established in 2012 and is amongst the world’s leading bovine IVF companies in pregnancy rates achieved. From its purpose-built laboratory in Brisbane and satellite facility in Rockhampton, IGT provides bovine IVF services to clients predominantly in eastern Australia. These services include:

OPU (ovum pick-up)
IVF embryo production
Freezing of embryos
Embryo transfer of fresh or frozen embryos


Kurra-Wirra Pastoral Company


Kurra-Wirra is a seedstock herd comprising Red Angus, Angus, and Senegus (Red Angus & Senepol) cattle. Our motto, “Measured to Perform,” reflects the demand for genetics that have proven their worth in a commercial setting, supported by concrete data. We diligently collect extensive data from sizeable contemporary groups, analysing our Red Angus and Angus cattle through the Black Angus TACE Analysis and our Senegus through the Leachman $Profit analysis.


Minitube Australia


Minitube is a world leader in assisted reproduction technologies. Based in Ballarat, Victoria, Minitube Australia is a subsidiary of Minitube International, the German based, family-owned company established in 1970. We endeavour to produce products of the highest quality and remain abreast of the latest innovations and techniques.

Minitube Australia offers a complete range of equipment, consumables and media to assist with semen collection, evaluation, transport, freezing, storage, as well as artificial insemination, Fixed-Time AI, embryo transfer and IVF. We are very committed to the bovine industry and offer technical support and service that we hope exceeds your expectations.


Murdeduke Angus


Murdeduke is a diverse mixed farming property situated near Winchelsea , Victoria owned by the Wilson Family.

It is the home of the Murdeduke Angus stud which is run in conjunction with extensive prime lamb and cropping enterprises. A free range piggery, which producers the popular branded pork brand Otway Pork, can also be found at Murdeduke.

Competition between the enterprises ensures that commercial drivers help determine our breeding principles.




Neogen Australasia is committed to fueling a brighter future for global food security through the advancement of human and animal well-being. Harnessing the power of science and DNA technology. Neogen has developed comprehensive solutions from paddock to plate spanning the Food Safety, Livestock, and Animal Safety, as a world leader in these fields, Neogen has a presence in over 140 countries with a dedicated network of scientists and technical experts focused on delivering optimised products and technology for our customers.


Outcross Systems


Outcross Systems is Australia’s leading provider of technology solutions to the livestock sector, servicing over 2000 Producers, Agencies and Saleyards. Our software programs – Stockyard and Stockbook – provide the system and tools that streamline your data collection and management, enabling you to run efficient operations and to make informed, intelligent decisions which improve your productivity and profitability.


Pathfinder Angus


Pathfinder Angus is a seedstock beef cattle business based near Penshurst, Victoria with three annual bull sales on property in Victoria, South Australia and with sales at Roma, Queensland. Pathfinder Angus is owned and operated by Nick and Sara Moyle and their family.



Red Angus Society Association


Solid Red, pigmented and polled, Red Angus cattle are renowned worldwide for their efficiency in beef production and docile disposition. Red Angus can drive your profit potential with a combination of calving ease, maternal excellence and carcase qualities.
Red Angus has been proven worldwide to fit into many successful crossbreeding and composite breeding programmes. Red Angus has contributed moderate birth, poll genes, solid homozygous colour and carcase quality into these planned breeding systems.


Repro360 (Vetoquinol)


Repro360 is a complimentary resource sponsored by Vetoquinol, to help producers, AI Technicians and Veterinarians maximise outcomes from assisted breeding programs.
Whether it is how to get started in artificial breeding, maximising results from artificial insemination or embryo transfer programs, maximizing IVP (IVF) outcomes with follicle stimulating hormone or determining which protocols are best suited to your herd and environment, our friendly and knowledgeable team are on-hand to answer your questions.
The Repro360 team can often be found in the field – training staff, putting in Cue-Mate® devices, helping customers and assisting with Australia’s leading sire benchmarking and progeny test programs (ASBP and AWA’s PTP).


Rocky Repro & Ced Wise AB Services


Leaders in all aspects of advanced bovine artificial reproduction technologies including donor flushing, embryo transfer, artificial insemination, semen collection & processing, semen morphology and bull fertility testing. Semen and embryo storage available in Rockhampton, and we supply artificial breeding supplies and liquid nitrogen.
Our DAWE accredited centres in Rockhampton & Glen Aplin, Qld, enable our clients the ability to collect bovine semen and embryos for export markets.
With an ever-increasing semen sales catalogue and established export markets to Asia, Pacific Islands, NZ, USA, Canada, South America and Africa, we have the expertise to market your best genetics.


Sapien Technology


Software to analyse individual animal performance on farm or across supply chains. Our systems enable selection for increased reproduction and provide clear stock on hand figures. Key production drivers such as weaning rates, growth and mortality are tracked. Whether you are collecting pregnancy test results, DNA samples or submitting to BREEDPLAN the system is designed to work where you need it crush side.

Information gathered is stored, submitted and distributed as required and subsequently converted into actionable insights that empower our customers to make well informed decisions that positively impact their businesses.




Semex Beef is a comprehensive and innovative breeding program that focuses on the production of high-quality beef genetics with a balanced breeding philosophy, and a leading provider of genetic solutions for the livestock industry globally, Semex Beef aims to enhance the genetic potential of cattle and improve overall herd performance for the Australian Beef industry.


Simmental Australia


The Australian Simmental, is a breed with all-round superior performance when used either as a pure breed or in crossbreeding programs. The genetics are designed to breed a better bottom line for commercial producers.


ST Genetics


STgenetics offers the genetics, products and tools to aid in profitability goals. One of the best ways to capitalize on genetic investment is by getting cows pregnant. Genetics can assist in achieving this goal with higher fertility sires, but using the proper procedures and protocols also plays a major role in producing pregnancies.
STgenetics is making the world greener, more sustainable and profitable. By improving herd genetics through science and technology, we believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it, while feeding the world with our passion for the beef and dairy industries.
The STgenetics Integrated Approach to management combines cutting edge genetics, innovation driven programs and gender-sorted semen to aid farmers in advancing their genetic progress while attaining herd goals.


Te Mania Angus



The Te Mania Angus herd spans 1600 stud females and 400 recipient cows, managed by Tom and Lucy Gubbins at Mortlake, and Hamish and Amanda McFarlane at Connewarre, in Western Victoria.
Approximately 800 bulls are marketed each year through two bull sales, contracted volume sales and the bull leasing program, Team Te Mania. Semen from stud sires is marketed.
Technologies which collect objective data for analysis are key to genetic advancement. The data collected includes fertility, structure, weight, carcass, docility and feed conversion.
Team Te Mania is an extensive progeny test and marketing alliance. This program, established in 1995, and uses Te Mania Angus genetics exclusively across 43 commercial herds in NSW, Vic and SA.
Strong relationships, the depth and accuracy of the genetic information and sharing the brand enables Te Mania Angus clients to more accurately target lucrative markets.


Troy Animal Healthcare


Established in 1958, Troy Animal Healthcare is an Australian owned company with a long history and proven track record when it comes to servicing the needs of animal communities in Australia, New Zealand and across the globe.

We are a significant investor in the animal health care industry and employ a wide range of personnel in the areas of manufacturing, quality control, warehousing, administration, customer service, sales and marketing.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing is in Sydney, and we are committed to deliver innovative, high quality, affordable animal solutions which meet the challenging and changing needs of production animals.

Our brands include Troy Vitamin ADE which is an oil-based injection for the treatment and prevention of vitamin A, D and E deficiencies in cattle, sheep and pigs, and BUTEC OTM which alleviates pain and inflammation associated with routine husbandry procedures in cattle and sheep.

For more information, please visit us on www.troylab.com.au


U.S. Livestock Genetics Export, Inc.


U.S. Livestock Genetics Export, Inc. (USLGE) is a nationwide livestock-specific, nonprofit, trade association. We represent the international market development interests of the U.S. dairy, beef, sheep, goat, swine, and horse breeding industries. The One Source for Superior Livestock Genetics.




Vytelle is a precision livestock company reshaping how cattle producers worldwide optimize their herds. Through Vytelle’s integrated technology platform, generations of genetic gains can be made in just a few years. This allows producers to sustainably deliver more protein with fewer inputs, helping to ensure meat and milk are viable, competitive food choices for future generations.


World Wide Sires Australia


For over 45 years World Wide Sires has been motivated by a clear mission:
“With highest integrity, World Wide Sires provides industry leading genetics and services to ensure continued success for our global customers.” Through the years, the bulls and faces have changed, but this promise and the passion behind it remains. We are here to supply profitable genetics and superior customer service, with a strong commitment to your success.

At the heart of all that WWS has to offer the world, there is a hard-working team of people driven to serve you. We are eager to evaluate your needs and provide you with solutions. We are dedicated to offering you a high-quality product with proven results. Your success is our success.

Ken Coombe OAM Tech Yards & Innovation Hub



Record farm management as well as predicting rainfall, soil moisture, pasture growth, animal weight and health risks up to 6 months in advance. Predictions are based on powerful, accurate scientific models that draw on all the expertise at the University of New England. This free tool draws on your farm data and weather forecasts to predict production and well-being risks and opportunities for the sheep and cattle on your property. Find out more at Ag360.com.au.


Agora Livestock


AgriFutures EvokeAG


AgriFutures evokeAG. connects the agrifood innovation community across the Asia Pacific region and around the world.

It does this through a two-day agrifood tech event where producers share their experiences, entrepreneurs pitch their potential, scientists showcase their discoveries, and global business leaders and industry experts share their insights.

evokeAG. provides a curated experience bringing the sector together, to connect and inspire innovation.

In partnership with the Queensland Government and the Brisbane Economic Development Agency, evokeAG. 2025 will be held in Brisbane, Queensland, on 18-19 February 2025.




Agrimix is an independent, Australian-owned and family run agricultural technology company. We treat our customers like family, your paddock is our office. Since 2008 we have been working with producers to find solutions to pasture productivity that are evidence based, practical and scalable.
This on the ground knowledge, combined with world-leading science and research partnerships, means we are able to deliver innovative pasture management systems and products to maximise grazing productivity and profitability. Our aim is to contribute to growing prosperous and sustainable communities in the Northern half of Australia.




AgriProve is Australia’s leading soiltech carbon developer, with 76% of all soil carbon projects successfully registered in the Australian Emissions Reduction Fund and is the fastest growing developer in Australia with over 600 projects totalling more than 170,000 hectares.

The mission is to establish a farmer-led, commercial model of soil carbon farming, regenerating agriculture, and sequestering carbon at scale. AgriProve enables farmers to generate income from carbon abatement activities and secure sustainable returns in the Australian market.




AgriWebb is livestock management software, built for success. Our all-in-one web and mobile app makes it easy for farmers and ranchers to manage everything that matters to their livestock business, all in one place. Record keeping, big-picture insights, team productivity tools, and the world’s most connected ecosystem of hardware and software integrations all come together in one powerful app that’s accessible anywhere, any time, and from any device – even offline.

We’re built for teams of all sizes, from multi-farm operations to solo operators, to help them stay connected to the teams, tools, and data insights that help them manage, understand, and improve their business.

Over 16,000 farmers managing 22 million animals worldwide trust AgriWebb to manage everything that matters to their farm, all in one place.


Agscent Pty Ltd


Agscent is a bio/agritech company founded on farm in regional NSW, Australia. Our vision is for a world where farmed animals are healthy and live without stress or pain.
Agscent’s focus is on developing non-invasive, easy to use animal health point-of-care diagnostic breath biopsy nano-sensor devices which improve productivity, health and wellbeing of livestock and those who work with them.




Agtuary’s Platform offers a suite of tools and insights tailored to the unique needs of the agriculture industry, from land use & land change analysis, deforestation and climate risk measurements, carbon accounting, emissions baselining, portfolio management and natural capital reporting. With a focus on driving positive environmental outcomes and optimising business performance, Agtuary is revolutionising the way agribusinesses operate.


Airagri Corporation


AirAgri is revolutionising the agricultural landscape with its cutting-edge technology solutions, designed to elevate farm safety, efficiency, and productivity through online and offline tools. As a beacon of innovation in the agritech sector, we are thrilled to showcase our pioneering products at Beef 2024. Our suite of solutions, including advanced property weather forecasting, IoT-based remote worker monitoring and alarm systems, and comprehensive mental health support, addresses the critical challenges faced by today’s farmers. AirAgri empowers agricultural professionals with real-time insights and automated tools, transforming the way farms operate and thrive in an ever-changing environment. Find us in the Tech Yards to experience firsthand how AirAgri is setting new standards in agricultural technology, driving productivity, and ensuring the safety and well-being of the farming community. Discover the future of farming with AirAgri, where technology meets tradition to create a safer, more productive beef industry.

Atlas Carbon


Atlas Carbon offers a better approach to soil carbon projects, collaborating closely with Australian livestock farmers to boost profitability, production, and sustainability. Our experienced team of specialists brings deep grazing management and carbon project management expertise that combines proven technology with practical know-how. As a sister company to MaiaGrazing, we offer a comprehensive solution set apart by powerful data-driven insights generated from eight years of grazing analytics across thousands of operations. We proudly partner with Hone, a spectrometry-based solution for precise soil carbon measurement, and Draiger, an environmental drilling and sampling service. Atlas Carbon provides a free cost-benefit analysis to assist landowners in determining if a carbon project is right for them.


Australian Natural Capital


Emissions accountability and scrutiny is increasing. Legislation requires change in some industries, however it presents a significant opportunity to graziers.
Soil is the largest land-based carbon sink, and practices that improve production generally improve soil fertility and sequester carbon in soils. The scale of soil in grazing means graziers have a significant opportunity to capitalise on this with good practices and soil carbon credits.
A key impediment to this has been cost and practicality. ANC has developed systems, including sampling and analysing >1.5 M Ha, and having systems audited for Regulatory compliance, to make soil carbon projects much more attractive.

C-lock Inc.


C-Lock Inc. utilizes cutting-edge science and engineering to monitor, analyze, and control cattle biological parameters. Through a systematic approach that incorporates intelligent data-mining techniques, measurements, and numerical modeling, we can detect problems that lower efficiency and productivity. Our unique capabilities to pinpoint problems, identify opportunities, and offer a cost-effective solutions.




At CarbonLink™, we’re passionate about helping producers and landholders to sequester carbon and improve soil health. We’ve been at the forefront of the soil carbon industry for over a decade, delivering innovative technology, streamlined processes and unmatched client service. With our large Australian-based team of scientists, mapping experts, agricultural and soil specialists and carbon managers, we’re well placed to help you make a real difference to your bottom line – and the environment.


Charles Sturt – Agripark – Red Meat Innovation Centre


The Charles Sturt Red Meat Innovation Centre is shaping the future of the red meat industry, leading the way in researching the impact different livestock production systems and post-harvest technologies have on meat quality and consumer preference. The RMIC and AgriPark are also progressing the Charles Sturt University’s Feedlot of the Future facility which will showcase best practice in animal health and welfare by creating real-world facilities to solve challenges in the feeding industry.


Cibo Labs


Objective Feedbase Monitoring and Management Information for Every Livestock Producer.
Cibo Labs launched in early 2018 to bring a new approach to forage budgeting and monitoring which combines the latest satellite and data science technologies and traditional pasture assessment methods.
The Cibo Labs PastureKey Service is getting producers engaged by providing their on-ground knowledge through simple mobile apps; new weekly satellite imagery, new data science methods, and simple delivery platforms to support grazing management decisions.
In 5 years the commercial service has grown to delivering paddock-level estimates of pasture biomass and ground cover to over 70 million hectares a week.


Datamars Livestock


Imagine a world where livestock management is efficient, seamless, and highly effective.
At Datamars Livestock, we are revolutionising livestock management through our cutting-edge data-driven solutions. Our innovative technologies empower farmers and ranchers to optimise their operations, enhance animal welfare, and maximise profitability.




Drone-Hand reduces the costs, risks & time spent on livestock monitoring, while also preventing livestock theft and increasing livestock health & yield, through a subscription based, ai-driven, autonomous drone flight-app with training and support packages.

Drone-Hand provides key information instantaneously, through real-time Ai analysis providing:
•livestock location
•accurate livestock count
•identification of pre-defined potential livestock issues
Your data is secure and stays with you, as Drone-Hand operates completely offline with no cloud or data connectivity required.

Drone-Hand is flexible and scalable with the ability to be used with both consumer camera drones through to long distance VTOL winged drones & drone-dock solutions.

Visit our website www.drone-hand.com to register your interest, or come and have a chat in person at AgSmart Connect in Tamworth 6-7 March.


Eazy Stay


The Eazy Stay is an innovative portable fence strainer post. Taking eight electric fence reels at two heights, it can split your paddock up to four-ways keeping even the smallest of animals contained. It can be used for cell grazing, making lane ways, end stays or a central pivot system. It can be transported with ease via inbuilt wheels, or by attaching the handle to the tow ball of your buggy or quad. It houses your solar electric fence energizer, and it is constructed from steel and galvanised to ensure its longevity in all weather conditions.

Equiposed Group




Farmbot is the tool that is trusted by graziers to remotely monitor their water assets. Farmbot’s range of sensors and the easy-to-use platform, MyFarmbot, provides users with real-time text and email alerts along with reporting of water levels and trends. Save time driving to check water and have constant peace of mind knowing your water from anywhere.




Farmdeck is an Australian owned and operated farm management solution developed by farmers for farmers. Farmdeck is different from most other AgTech solutions because it provides an all-in-one offering that includes the sensors, the network connectivity and the Farmdeck application available online or downloadable on devices.




Farmo Group Pty Ltd ATF Farmo Unit Trust
Suite 16 / 7-9 Leeds St. Footscray VIC 3011

Phone 1300-540-300

Contact details:
Nick Seymour


Farmo’s mission is to make Agtech simple. We provide an innovative range of monitoring and automation technology including the easiest to install water level sensor in the world, the multi award winning “Water Rat”. We are assisting the agriculture industry meet the evolving challenges of labour shortage, climate change, bio-security and food security.

Farmo helps farmers monitor their farms with real time alerts for urgent issues and long term data for productivity and welfare improvements. We have designed an innovative range of monitoring and automation technology including the easiest to install water level sensor in the world, the multi award winning “Water Rat”.


Green Collar


Founded in 2011 as a conservation-driven profit-for-purpose organisation, GreenCollar is now the leading environmental markets project developer and investor in Australia across carbon, water quality, biodiversity and plastics markets. GreenCollar works with landowners and managers to develop projects that create commercial opportunities by generating environmental credits while caring for the environment, and was fundamental in helping to establish Australia’s carbon market framework, and Reef Credits, Australia’s first voluntary water quality market. Specifically designed to improve water quality flowing to the Great Barrier Reef, Reef Credits value cleaner water flowing from farm and grazing lands in North Queensland to price high integrity tradable water quality credits that attract corporate and private investment.


Grundfos Pumps


Grundfos Australia is a vital subsidiary of Grundfos, a worldwide leader in pumping solutions. Since 1980, Grundfos Australia has been steadfast in meeting Australia’s diverse water needs, including those in crucial sectors like agriculture. Our commitment is demonstrated through significant investments in cutting-edge, sustainable pumping technologies, in alignment with our mission to pioneer solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improve the quality of life for people. We are more than just a water pump company. We believe that every drop of water has the power to change the world, and we’re all about unlocking that potential.




Halter is an agritech company on a mission to enable half of the world’s habitable landmass (agriculture) to be more productive and sustainable. Halter’s solar-powered smart collars and app help graziers grow and harvest more grass, reduce fencing costs, and increase overall production. With Halter, you can remotely shift and virtually fence cattle, optimise pasture and proactively monitor the location of your herd. Since its establishment in 2016, Halter has been successfully deploying customers in New Zealand and Tasmania and is now coming to Queensland. For more information, including customer case studies, see the Halter website.

Impulse Training & Medical Supplies


Impulse Training is a Central Western Queensland based First Aid Training and Medical Supply company delivering nationally recognised first aid training Australia wide.
Impulse Training delivers one of Australia’s most comprehensive ‘on farm’ (we come to you) First Aid Courses. A hands on, practical approach to managing potential injuries, illnesses and accidents which exist whilst living and working on the land.
We are very proud to be the trademark of the MediSwag. The only first aid kit designed specifically to meet the needs of the rural lifestyle. Touch, Versatile and compact!


InFarm Pty Ltd


InFarm is an agricultural intelligence company based in Queensland Australia. Their proprietary Perception Platform is globally recognized as one of the most powerful big data and AI enabled solutions transforming agriculture. It transcends geographical boundaries and connectivity constraints faced by farmers globally.
The platform is an intelligent technological system that derives understanding of the world through sensing and interpretation and has an embedded ability to take action. The capacity is versatile and powerful and is exemplified by herbicide reduction for enhanced productivity and sustainability, and by transforming deserts into green grazing lands.
InFarms clients and partners include some of the largest multinational technology, hardware and agricultural companies in the world such as Microsoft, Dell and Bayer.


Kando Innovation


Guardian Bandsaw has been designed by the team at KANDO. We are experts in building Smart Machines. We partner with industry leaders to create products that leverage technology to redefine what is possible.

We support our customers to set the benchmark in their industry from initial feasibility analysis and concept development through to installation and service.

MEQ Probe


MEQ is focused on reimagining the red meat industry and unlocking new value for both processors and producers. MEQ builds innovative technology solutions to objectively measure red-meat quality attributes and enable consistent and reliable data-driven decisions early in the supply chain.




Mobble is a livestock & farm management software, created by farmers, for farmers. Mobble provides a practical solution, giving farmers more visibility and better access to their records on the go. It’s cloud-based, it works offline, simplifies record keeping and connects the team – helping farmers make more informed decisions for their operation. Mobble is built to service livestock and mixed farming operations by simplifying farm management, saving time and increasing productivity. Mobble keeps all farm and livestock records in one place and is all about stripping back complications. We aim to keep it simple so farmers can get more time back in their days, with less bookwork.


Moin Morris Schaefer Solicitors


Moin Morris Schaefer is a full service law firm with a strong agribusiness client base.

With the growing uptake in emissions reduction and renewable energy projects, it is only natural that we have extended our services into these sectors in recent years.

Our industry knowledge in carbon farming enables us to provide our clients, including both carbon project participants and carbon service providers, with best practice legal advice layered with commercial smarts to ensure the outcome is not only legally sound, but also commercially viable.




NBN Co was established in 2009 by the Commonwealth of Australia as a Government Business Enterprise (GBE), with a principal responsibility to operate and continue to build and upgrade the nbn network as a wholesale broadband access network for Australia.  
nbn’s focus is improving the network to help enable the use of emerging and future technologies, which meet future demand and promote innovation, and allowing internet retailers to provide reasonably priced broadband services to consumers and businesses.
The network is the digital backbone of Australia and is constantly evolving to keep communities and businesses connected and our nation productive. 


Paddock Book


Cattle management software, designed by graziers for graziers.


Pairtree Intelligence


Pairtree enables farmers to export their data to Agribusiness, Consultants, Agtech and beyond. No longer is your data locked behind the farm gate. We enable over 100+ Livestock, Cropping and Digital Ag applications to be connected to our platform and to other platforms that provide services to your operation.
Pairtree is the trusted farmer-first approach enabling transparency and control, whilst minimising double handling and human error.
If you’re frustrated with things not talking to each other, drop in and lets chat about what we can do about it. #collaborativeagriculture




Pivotel is an Australian-owned and operated telecommunications service provider for people and assets located in rural, remote and regional environments, delivering communication solutions to people who live, work or play outside of mobile coverage.

Whether you’re running stock or growing crops, Pivotel provides connectivity services for the agricultural industry that work right across Australia, allowing Australia’s agriculture industry to operate safely, productively and efficiently.

With a suite of products ranging from handheld devices to entire managed networks, fully backed by a local team of experienced engineers, solution architects, customer support specialists and a network of over 200 dealers, you can trust Pivotel to have a solution that meets your requirements.

For more information, visit www.pivotel.com.au.

Precision Pastures


Precision Pastures is an independent soil, pasture and carbon services company. Precision Pastures service clients across the eastern states of Australia and work closely with trusted existing advisers such as agronomists, nutritionists and stock or real estate agencies. We put data first and central in all that we do, to remove any subjectivity and bias towards any product or methodology. Our team shares 60+ years of experience in agribusiness, livestock production, soil science and agronomy. We are united by our passion for helping farmers continuously improve their land and their business.


Queensland Government


Regional Tech Hub


The Regional Tech Hub is an independent telecommunications advisory service for rural, regional and remote Australians.
Digital connectivity is an increasingly essential part of life – important not only for operating a business and accessing essential services like health and education, but also for social connectedness For those who live and work in areas outside of our major cities and towns accessing and troubleshooting phone and internet connectivity can be more complex for a range of reasons.
The Regional Tech Hub has been established to assist people who live and work in regional, rural, and remote parts of Australia to realise the benefits of being digitally connected.




Smart Paddock


Smart Paddock is an Australian company that has developed smart GPS ear tags for the livestock industry that provides real-time information about the health and geo-location of all the individual cows in the herd. The device, dubbed the Bluebell, attaches securely onto the ear of each animal, and monitors the animal’s temperature, behavior, and geo-location/mobility, which the farmer can easily read from a web dashboard or mobile phone app. The Smart Paddock platform will provide them with real-time alerts when any of these metrics significantly change, indicating an issue in the health of the animal, or if the animal crosses any geo-fences set up by the farmer.






Timber Queensland (TQ) is the peak industry body representing Queensland’s Forest and timber industry and TerraCipher (TC) is a technology company helping businesses turn insights into impact. Together with a range of project partners in the beef and forestry industry and across government, we are exploring the benefits of growing cattle and trees together, in what is known as a silvopastoral system. These systems offer benefits including additional revenue from wood and fibre products and environmental benefits through carbon sequestration, waterway protection and shade for livestock to name a few.


UBI Meat Experts


Upscale Carbon


Not your average Carbon Developer . . .

  • We give landholders the Australian Carbon Credit Units, rather than just a cheque at whatever price could be achieved
  • We run carbon projects on our own properties as well
  • We are regionally based and locally owned
  • We understand the bush and grazing. Our team has owned property, have lived and worked rurally and regionally for all of our careers and know what its like to have someone from the big smoke tell you how to do things.
  • We work with the landholder (as you know the land and country far better than us) to understand how they operate their business, and how it might run in conjunction with a carbon project.


Verterra Ecological Engineering


Verterra is a leader in ecological engineering theory and practice. Verterra delivers land, water and vegetation management solutions, turning risk into value for organisations seeking positive economic, environmental and community outcomes. We apply scientific knowledge of ecosystems, Nature Based Solutions (NBS) and practical experience in partnership with our clients.




Zetifi offers connectivity solutions that keep farmers and their machinery connected in even the most challenging of locations, enabling farming businesses to embrace connected digital technology and modernise their operations.

Their products include innovative location-aware antennas for signal boosters, and Wi-Fi coverage extension products such as the ZetiRover, which provides roaming Wi-Fi for vehicles and machinery operating in areas where cellular coverage is otherwise unavailable or unreliable.

Speak to the Zetifi team to find out how they can maximise your coverage from existing radio, cellular and satellite networks, and provide reliable connectivity in more places than ever before.


Lifestyle Precinct



AdventureTec is a Local Business based in Central QLD and proudly offer the following:

  • GPS Tracking Services (Dash cam, Telematics, Animal and Asset tracking)
  • E-Bike and E-Scooter sales and Service
  • Electric Motorcycles, sales, Service and Repair
  • Underwater Scooters Sales and Service


AFK Clinic/Happy Feet/Orthotic Works


Agave Blue


Agave Blue designs, manufacturers and imports 100% hand crafted Mexican leather boots. The brands we sell are Agave Blue, Old Gringo, Double D Ranch, Liberty Black, Lane, Junk Gypsy & Caborca. All of our products are high end high calibre in design and finish. The boots are next level artisan boot couture. We also sell next level couture Double D Ranch wear Leather jackets and other soul satisfying pieces.





Ariat/Just Country Australia


Bendigo Country Clothing


Bendigo Country Clothing has been supplying farmers with hard-wearing country clothing at Field Days and Rural Events for over 25 years. See our Bulldust and Bendigo Oilskin Vests, coats and jackets. Visit us for Wrangler and Pure Western jeans, and Bullzye shirts, jackets and caps. Also a great range of Thomas Cook rugbies and childrens wear – and double pockets shirts from Thomas Cook and Bisley.


Blue Star Eyewear


At Blue Star Eyewear, we are dedicated to providing you with an outstanding customer experience every time you order with us. We are a friendly team who supplies a wide range of high-quality products that you can enjoy across Australia and New Zealand


Concrete Cowboy Contracting


Concrete Cowboy Contracting is based in Rockhampton, Queensland. Owned and operated by Matthew Richardson, the ‘Cowboy of all trades’. In 2022, Matthew noticed there was a demand for custom made livestock branding irons, so he polished his skill set and began specialising in custom- built livestock branding equipment. From there Concrete Cowboy has rapidly grown, servicing the livestock industry in both Australia and America.

Whether you are branding 5 or 50,000 head, we can customise livestock branding irons, numeral branding irons, dehorning irons and fire furnaces to suit your needs.

It is our mission to provide you with personalised service, high quality products and custom-built branding equipment to suit your needs in a timely manner. No job is too small or big, we will support and communicate with you every step of the way. If you need to brand a hide, contact us for an obligation free quote!


Country Allure


Country Allure is an Australian lifestyle brand that specialises in cowhide leather bags and accessories. Designed right here in Central QLD Country Allure manufacture a vast range of unique and exclusive designs. From travel bags for jetting away on your next holiday to purses that fit perfectly in your back pocket.
Timeless quality that never disappoints. Dare to be wild with Country Allure.




Hitchley & Harrow


Hitchley & Harrow combines a collection of clothing and accessories that feature unmistakable quality paired with exceptional design.
The tailoring and attention to detail throughout the Hitchley & Harrow collection is second to none and the fabric combinations are bold and confident. The garments are well fitting and feature embossed buttons, ribbon trimmings and custom embellishments.
Designed in Australia and tailored overseas from fabrics sourced from around the world and hand selected by our team, our staple collection basics are produced year-round, and supplementary pieces are featured in seasonal collections.
Shop the brand new Beef Week collection first in our two mobile showrooms on the grounds. We look forward to seeing you there!


JF Hides


JF Hides provides predominately handmade cow hide and leather products ranging from ladies fashion accessories to homewares and everything in between. We have an extensive collection of hide jewellery, handbags, overnight bags, cushions, full hides, lamps, bench seats and so much more. With something to suit every budget, you will be sure to find something that you love.


Katie B


Katie B is your one stop location for all the best western brands at Beef! In store you will find CC Western, Kimes Ranch, Cowgirl Tuff, Rock & Roll Denim, Corral Boots and much more! We pride ourselves on being the experts when it comes to assisting our customers to find the perfect pair of jeans, so if you need help finding your fit pop in and check out the thousands of pairs we have on hand. You can also view our range on our online store www.katieb.com.au


Lifestyle Australia


Beef 2024 Official Merchandise Store

Little Windmill Clothing Co


Country inspired clothing for babies to adults. Practical. affordable and eye-catching designs. Items that are timeless, worn over and over. Passed down and remembered. All Australian designed by a mum of 4. If you love all things country, pretty and unique, you won’t want to miss us. LWCC will become part of your family for years.


Natures Socks Australia


Natures Socks Australia is a family-owned business with over 25 years of experience. We utilise high quality fibres for our socks, including Australian Merino Wool, Bamboo, Alpaca yarn and Cotton. We also stock Australian made Merino Wool Thermals.


Nettie’s Country Creations


Nettie’s Country Creations Boutique featuring all Australian Made Ladies clothing from natural fibres, beautiful jewellrey and gorgeous hats. Everything is our Beef Boutique is proudly Australian Made, ensuring you get an item that has been made with care, attention to detail, as well as thoughtfully and beautifully designed.


Nudicover Mesh Clothing


Outback Traders Australia


The West Reimagined…
At Outback Traders we bring to you some of the worlds finest hats, boots and apparel.
We believe in stand out quality and fashion that you rarely see in today’s offerings.
Our products are the fusion between Australian and American culture and we are proud to offer some of the world’s finest handcrafted products. www.outbacktraders.com.au




OzWit Camp Gear


Welcome to OzWit your one-stop destination for lightweight and foldable camping essentials in Australia. From stainless steel folding fire pits to durable oilskin coats, vests and Ugg boots, Tarrakoota thermal jeans and flannelette jackets, and ratchet belts, we’ve got everything you need for your outdoor adventures. Explore our range of practical gear including stainless steel jaffle irons, leather hats, camp ovens, and outdoor camping mats designed to enhance your camping experience. Don’t forget to check out our small yet powerful massage gun for ultimate relaxation after a long day outdoors. Visit us online to shop our quality products at ozwit.com.au.


Paul Gollan Saddlery


Ringers Western


Ringers Western clothing apparel

Silver By Diamond


Australian designed women’s fashion that is uniquely ours and exclusive to SBD. Designed by real women for real women. Using only the highest quality fabrics and materials we take pride in offering unique and exclusive pieces that reflect the beauty, strength and individuality of every women. Our accessory range includes classic leather pieces, sterling silver & pearl jewellery, resin homewares & jewellery, felt and Panama bespoke hats. Our aim is to create unique, quality & timeless pieces that are stylish & practical to make ladies feel fabulous at every age. You’ll find us in the lifestyle precinct, site O288


The Outpost (QLD)


At The Outpost our goal is to share our passion for shooting sports and the hunting and outdoor lifestyle. We believe that learning to properly handle, maintain, and ultimately how to shoot with a firearm, reinforces valuable principles based around respect, responsibility, and safety, all the while encouraging a spirit of healthy competition and sportsmanship.


TPM Saddles


TPM Saddles was established in 2010. Tim McLachlan is a trades qualified saddler and has been part of the industry for over 35 years. Together with his wife Maree they manufacture quality, handcrafted fender saddles.


Tuff Australia


TUFF Australia proudly manufacture the strongest bullbars, brushrails, ute trays, canopies and 4×4 accessories. Australian made and built to last.


Machinery Precinct

AC Backrubs


AEH Distribution


Atlas Ag stands at the forefront of agricultural equipment distribution in Australia, committed to fostering innovation in the industry. Our mission drives us to source cutting-edge products that integrate the latest technology and design, elevating farming practices nationwide. Partnering with dealerships across Australia, we proudly offer the esteemed JBS manure spreaders and Herd Boss feed mixers, ensuring farmers access premium solutions for their needs. With a focus on excellence and advancement, Atlas Ag empowers the Australian agriculture sector to thrive. Trust us as your premier distributor, dedicated to delivering top-tier equipment and driving progress in every farm.




Arrowquip has made livestock management easier, faster and safer with industry leading innovation and technologically advanced designs.


Australian Concrete Fence Posts & Erosion Mats


Australian Concrete Posts and Mats are a business who manufacture concrete fence posts and concrete erosion control mats. Base din northern NSW they are trusted and reliable supply of their quality products and leaders in their fields. Their products are tried and tested across Australia. Their website can be found at this address: concreteposts.com.au/landing-trade-posts-and-mats/


Brazzen Rural Products Rockhampton


Brown & Hurley


Brown And Hurley Agriculture Rockhampton


Brown and Hurley started serving the agricultural needs of Australian farmers making their first tractor sale in 1947, before moving into the truck market in 1948.

Since then, we have continued to serve the agricultural sector by offering a wide range of farming and construction machinery and equipment.

Catering for all property or production size, residential or commercial, whether it is replacing outdated machinery and equipment with new or used options, expanding operational capabilities, or optimising processes, our team are here for the agriculture industry.

Our Agriculture branches are located at Ayr, Cairns, Emerald, Innisfail, Mackay, Proserpine, Rockhampton, Roma and Tolga.


Bundaberg Molasses


Catagra Group/Reproscan/Silencer Cattlehanding Equipment




Cattlesales is an independent central site offering Australia’s only advertising space solely for cattle. For producers and for livestock agents. For pre-marketing saleyard cattle, online auction cattle, sales and advertising paddock cattle.




Vertical integration is the backbone of Clipex. We oversee each and every step of the way – from designing and manufacturing, to supplying direct to you. That means we can provide you with purposefully made products at an unbeatable price. We also offer installation and Australia wide sales support and servicing. We are incredibly proud to be an Australian family owned business creating solutions for our fellow Aussies in the agricultural industry.


DOM Distribution


DOM Distribution is a dynamic and diverse manufacturer and machinery equipment distribution business with trade interests in six continents. DOM stocks, supports, and supplies a wide range of agricultural, earthmoving, construction, and forestry machinery, parts, and equipment. We’ve assembled a great team that works hard to provide first-rate goods, services, despatch, and product knowledge.




Enmach is Australia’s leader in the design and manufacture of cone bottom tanks. Our products are proudly Australian made in Queensland with Australian materials by us, an Australian family owned company. Our cone bottom tanks and flat bottom tanks are manufactured from the highest quality materials, resulting in a superior range of products that are strong, lightweight, UV resistant and exceptionally durable to withstand the harsh nature of Australia’s outback conditions. Polyethylene construction is impervious to everything, with a fully compounded colour that won’t fade, scratch or corrode. We are your choice for Australia’s most thought-out and customised cone bottom tanks / silos. We will personalise cone bottom tanks to suit your needs.


Farm And Garden Products


Farm and Garden Products is a Rockhampton based business that has been servicing Central Queensland with outdoor power products and agricultural and construction machinery since 1981. We stock all types of products including mowers, trimmers, brush cutters, side-by-sides, tractors, loaders, skid-steers, track loaders, excavators, telehandlers, balers, rakes, mini-loaders, tillers, generators, compressors, rollers, rammers, plate compactors, ramps, slashers, sprayers and more.

We pride ourselves on suppling only the highest quality brands so you’ll be guaranteed to leave our store with the best product to do the job right. .

Whether you’re looking for a large-scale farming product, a small garden tool, or anything in between, you’ll be sure find it at Farm & Garden.


Gough Plastics


Gough Plastics is a family-owned roto-moulding company based in Townsville, North Queensland. Started in 1989, the company is a research, design and manufacturing unit specialising in new products from conception through to point of sale.


Grundfos Pumps


Grundfos Australia is a vital subsidiary of Grundfos, a worldwide leader in pumping solutions. Since 1980, Grundfos Australia has been steadfast in meeting Australia’s diverse water needs, including those in crucial sectors like agriculture. Our commitment is demonstrated through significant investments in cutting-edge, sustainable pumping technologies, in alignment with our mission to pioneer solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improve the quality of life for people. We are more than just a water pump company. We believe that every drop of water has the power to change the world, and we’re all about unlocking that potential.


Gympie Welding Works


Gympie Welding Works was first established in Gympie in 1960, but has been an Australian family owned business since the early 1900’s. Originally commencing in the field of blacksmithing and farriering to support the original gold mining operations and rural producers throughout the greater Gympie region.

As the Company has continually evolved with the changing times, Gympie Welding Works now specialises in steel fabrication and welding to produce a range of products designed not only for the rural sector of Australia, but for the mining and building industries as well.

Gympie Welding Works will always continue to manufacture STUDMASTA Cattle Products to the highest quality and standard. STUDMASTA Cattle Products have been produced for our customers in diverse locations throughout Australia and the Pacific Region, also other countries which include South Africa, Israel and Taiwan.


Hercules Loaders and Machinery


Hercules Wheel Loaders and Machinery distributing new wheel loaders, telehandlers, Graders, Dozers along with Sunward Excavators, skid steers and track loaders. We are a family run business established since 1993 – we know machinery!


High Tech Generators


Since 2010 HTG has been exhibiting at Beef Australia, showcasing quality Italian and Australian-built diesel and petrol generators designed to operate in the world’s harshest environments.
HTG has a strong reputation for supplying quality and reliable generators for automated backup systems, irrigation power, and portable power for running welders and workshop equipment.
Come visit HTG, site O167


Honda Motorcycles and Power Equipment


Honda Motorcycles Power Equipment and Marine are the Australian importer and distributor of Honda Motorcycles, SXS product along with Power Equipment and Marine outboards


Komatsu Australia


Komatsu Gladstone Branch provides our customers with complete quality support and a service network to optimise the value and wear life of Komatsu machines. Our aim is to ensure that your machine is available and fit for work. Komatsu Gladstone is dedicated to ensuring that owning and maintaining a machine has a profitable and productive impact on your business.

Liberty Oil


Liberty Oil Australia takes pride in delivering fuel to regional, rural and remote communities through a network of depots and an expanding fleet of trucks around Australia.


McCormack Industries


Metalcorp Steel


Metalcorp is an institution in the Australian bush, dating back to the company’s original incarnation from Ashley and Moore in 1967. Metalcorp produces a range of rural products designed to withstand harsh environments from coastal locations to inland farms, Metalcorp is your “Rural Brand for the Land.”

Milne Bros




Nu-Tank has been Central and Western Queensland’s preferred tank manufacturer for over 15 years. Nu-Tank manufacture and supply superior storage tanks, transport tanks, fire fighting units, troughs and feeders.

With market leading technologies Nu-Tank quickly gained, and has maintained, a reputation for unmatched quality, reliability, and service.

Family owned, manufacturing all products in house, right here in Central Queensland.

For further information: www.nutank.com.au


Offsider Ag Equipment


Livestock handling equipment for Cattle, Sheep and Goats.
Grids, Wings and Abutments.
100% Australian made and owned in Killarney, QLD.

0427 156 641


Olympus Loaders


Olympus Loaders, Australia’s Wheel Loader Specialist. We supply all your Articulated Wheel Loader requirements from 100hp to 300hp.
Olympus specializes in Heavy Duty Farming Loader Accessories, Heavy Duty Stick Rakes, Rear Rippers, Forks, and Spears to suit all-size loaders.
Our products have been proven in the Australian field now for over 9 years and, with our head office in Queensland, we now also have 6 distributors around Australia.
Olympus Loaders can custom build a Wheel Loader to your exact requirements, with only a 12-week turnaround. Olympus Loaders, there’s no substitute for quality.




Optiweigh is farmer developed technology that is making livestock management better. Australian made and owned, it is the reliable and practical solution for measuring animal weights in real-time direct from the paddock. Optiweigh is highly accurate, portable and fully self contained – allowing decisions to be made without the need for yard weighing. In every type of production enterprise and every type of environment Optiweigh has become an integral part of daily operations and users regularly refer to it as a game-changer. It is helping make more informed decisions that are delivering better productivity, better resource management and better returns.


Oreco Group


Oreco Group are a fully integrated QLD based manufacturer specialising in the production of premium quality animal feed, animal bedding as well as garden and landscaping materials for the retail and bulk market.


Performance Feeds – Anipro


Performance Feeds is one of the largest suppliers of liquid and loose lick supplements to Australia’s beef feedlot and grazing sector. The flagship product, Anipro Liquid Supplements, is a fully serviced product that can be used year-round to boost the production of your herd, regardless of the season.
With a range of loose lick products to combat a range of nutritional deficiencies, there is a supplement to suit the needs of each producer.
For more information on our product range, talk to our team today!


PFG Australia


PFG Australia is the nation’s largest independent supplier of agricultural machinery and equipment, led by a team that is fully committed to our customers, dealers and suppliers.


Pioneer Water Tanks


Proway Livestock Equipment


For over 20 years ProWay’s Stock Yards have earned the reputation as industry leading for their strength, efficiency, longevity and safety proven by years of on-site testing and direct industry feedback. ProWay Cattle Yards are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, and installed all over the world.
We understand that each operation is different, our experienced Design Team has created thousands of unique cattle handling facilities achieving this through consideration of several key factors and attention to seemingly small details such as gate placement, yard access, angles in yards, yard orientation and the compression ratio or relative size of yards as well as loading and unloading to maximise stock flow, animal welfare and ultimately the profitability of your facility.


Queensland Machinery Agency


Queensland Machinery Agency sell new & used:
-Feed Mixers
-Grain Dryers & Diesel Conversion Kits
QMA understand the demands of rural production and the costs involved with machinery breakdowns. We offer post sale backup support, spare parts and infield service & maintenance. We pride ourselves on delivering high performance products & reliable service to customers.
Drop by our site O171 and have a look over the new self-contained Rollermill Mixer and talk to us about how we can ensure your operation runs at its highest possible efficiency.




QuikFence have pioneered Rural Fencing for over 21 years across Australia. Supplying Fencing Machinery including the FastFencer that carries 3 rolls of fencing mesh rolls, plus KingHitter and FencePro Post Drivers to build a better fence, save on labour costs, safer for operators, and with less physical effort.

Red River Stockyards


RGM Maintenance Rockhampton


As a Truck dealer with 10 years’ experience, RGM Maintenance Rockhampton strives to provide you with the latest and greatest vehicles, which are designed to thrill, provide safety and comfort and can help meet the demands of daily life.
Explore our extensive showroom to see the exciting range of Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner & Fuso vehicles. Check out our current stock and latest local special offers.
Located in Parkhurst, QLD we are your #1 choice for Daimler Trucks.


Riverina Australia


Riverina Stockfeeds has been Australia’s superior supplier of a wide range of quality stock feeds and supplements since 1927.

With a network of mills across Queensland and New South Wales and experienced, qualified teams, you can rely on our local advice to ensure you make the right nutritional decisions for your animals every time.

Riverina Stockfeeds’ extensive logistics and mill network ensures efficient and reliable delivery you can depend on. Our bagged stock feeds are available directly through your local rural retailer and bulk products directly from your local Riverina mill, with reliable delivery across Australia.

“Your partner of choice in feeding the world.”


Rosenberg Motorcycles


Rosenberg Motorcycles – 123 William Street Rockhampton (07) 4922 7619
We are the local Kawasaki & Suzuki dealership based in Rockhampton. We stock a wide range of parts & accessories for all makes and models of motorcycles. We also service various brands and take great pride on our attention to detail and customer service.


Ryan Pumping Products


Ryan Pumping Products, 239 East Street Rockhampton for over 50 years has been synonymous with the supply and installation of water pumping products with a particular focus on the rural stock watering arena as well as the domestic water supply and irrigation markets.


S&W Seed Company Australia


S&W Seed Company Australia is a leading provider of high-quality seeds, known for its innovation and excellence in the agricultural industry.

The team at S&W Seed Company Australia is made up of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of the agricultural industry. They are dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality seeds and exceptional customer service, and are passionate about helping farmers and growers achieve their goals.

The S&W product range includes a wide variety of seeds, including lucerne, legumes, ryegrass, wheat, sorghum, forage cereals, and many more. Additionally, the SOWsmart blends or custom blends offer customers a seed solution specifically selected and tested for their ability to germinate quickly, establish rapidly, and provide high-quality feed for livestock.

Selected Seeds


Selected Seeds is a proud Australian owned business that has served the seed industry here and around the world for over fifty years.

Established in 1970 by manging director Phil Smith in Biloela the company focuses on providing a progressive, professional, competitive service to the Beef industry.

With branches in Pittsworth, Rockhampton, Tolga, Perth, the Middle East and Africa and working with agents in the America’s, Asia and the Subcontinent, Selected Seeds services both local and global forage seed markets and exports to over 15 countries.

Selected Seeds dedicated team look forward to meeting and discussing your pasture and forage requirements at Beef 2024.


Southern Cross Water & Windmills


Southern Cross was established in Toowoomba after the Toowoomba Foundry began making wooden windmills based on US designs in the 1890s. Toowoomba Foundry sold its first windmill under the trade name “Southern Cross” in 1903 and grew into a thriving business in the 1920s and ‘30s. For over 148 years of continuous operation Southern Cross have provided Australians with reliable, safe and economical commercial, industrial, rural and agricultural water storage solutions. Southern Cross Water design and manufacture water storage solutions for Mining, Fire Systems, Agricultural, Industrial or Municipal supply, Tank Stands and Float Valves and the Iconic Southern Cross Windmill. Southern Cross Water & Windmills have been providing crucial water pumping supplies to Australian farmers and rural Australian families for generations.


Station Innovation


Station Innovation make and design the EcoSAT product range of remote water tank monitors. This range includes 4G and Satellite EcoSAT units connecting via an App or on line. Along with a range of sensors including, tank water level, radar water level sensors, pressure sensors, soil moisture, flow metres ultrasonic as well as pulse meters. Rain volume, wind and temperature sensors are also available.

EcoSat units can also give you automation for pumps, diesel engines. We also supply ball valves and cameras which can be automated. Electric fence and gate sensors available.

Proudly Australian Owned & Made.




Terrequipe proudly serves as the leading dealership for JCB, AGCO, Dressta, and ASV machinery and parts in Central Queensland. With over a decade of operation, our passionate and knowledgeable team has driven remarkable growth in expertise and product offerings. Whether you’re in construction, earthmoving, or agriculture, our Rockhampton, Mackay, and Emerald branches stand ready to support your ventures.


Think Water


At Think Water our goal is to provide you with the best services, advice and solutions for your water management needs. We deliver a professional standard of customer service and advice across all things water management and promote innovation and sustainability in everything we do.


Thompson Longhorn


Thompson Longhorn

Trackers Traps


Trackers Traps is a family owned and operated business located in Central QLD. We specialise in manufacturing and selling high quality feral pig traps.

With decades of experience in research, development, trials, and innovation, we offer the most effective, easy to use and set up feral pig traps on the market.

When you buy one of our products, you can rest assured that you are getting a product that is made with the highest quality materials and backed by years of expertise.

Trackers Traps – the experts in feral pig traps Australia.

Trackers Traps can be shipped Australia wide.




TRUECUT1000 -a local business which designs and builds the Truecut1000 Leucaena trimmer/cutter.
Control your Leucaena with the Truecut1000 3 point linkage sickle type cutter for reasonable cost. A relatively low HP tractor – approx 70 – 80HP is needed.
The Truecut1000 Leucaena cutter enables producers to control and trim their Leucaena in regular seasons.It is also a drought management tool for feeding cattle, as rows of Leucaena can be trimmed as needed in dry times.
The Truecut team has also designed and built a mobile sawmill, and has patented as TrueValve,a new valve action stainless steel foot valve.


Valton Feeding Solutions


Valton Feeding Solutions Pty Ltd is a proud, family-owned and operated business out of South West Victoria. We specialise in TMR feed mixers, Penta and Herd Boss, Slurry tankers, Dump trailers, Manure and Fertiliser spreading equipment, poly troughing, bale feeders and much more to the Dairy, Beef, Sheep and Cropping industries Australia wide!


Warwick Cattle Crush Co


Stark Engineering and Warwick Cattle Crush Company

Company Overview

Stark Engineering and Hardware Pty Ltd was founded in 1917 is a third-generation family business manufacturing horticultural and cattle handling equipment.
In 1985 the “Warwick Cattle Crush Company” was purchased and incorporated into Stark Engineering Pty Ltd., Warwick Cattle Crush at the forefront of the industry manufacturing for domestic and international markets. Exporting across the world improving animal welfare within Australia and developing countries.


Welch Ag Equipment


Welch Ag Equipment supplies a range of farm machinery, mainly focusing on Offset Ploughs, as well as mounted and trailing Grass Seed Planters.


Western Truck Group


Western Truck Group (WTG) is the home of parts, sales and service for Volvo, UD and Mack trucks for the greater part of Queensland, the Northern Territory and the Dubbo area of New South Wales.
With branches in Toowoomba, Mount Isa, Darwin, Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, the Sunshine Coast and Dubbo, and additionally supported by a strong network of 20 regional Customer Service Centres, WTG has the transport needs of its customers well and truly covered.
If you’re in the market for a new truck, or need parts or service, give the friendly WTG team a call


Wideland Trucks and Equipment


Wilmar Stockfeeds


Wilmar Sugar and Renewables is Australia’s largest manufacturer of raw sugar, one of Australia’s largest generators of renewable electricity from biomass and Queensland’s only producer of bioethanol. We’re also a leading supplier of sustainable liquid fertiliser and stockfeed products. Our SuplaFlo® liquid stockfeed supplements are made in Queensland and based on fermented Australian molasses. They contain 10% natural protein, plus minerals and micronutrients to support better livestock health and production. We have products with added phosphorus, with or without urea, and options approved for use in certified organic production systems. Our supplements are naturally bitter, flowable and rain safe.


Woods Equipment Australia


Woods Equipment Australia import and distribute quality agricultural machinery manufactured to improve farming operations across Australia. Woods slashers are manufactured from 3.5ft to 20ft, and have a range of models to suit all primary production industries. A Woods slasher will not leave a windrow encouraging soil biodiversity and improved pasture management in a gazing operation. Implements that offer this to graziers are essential to ensure that productive capacity can be increased in a cost efficient way. Woods slashers have a high OH&S rating with blades being able to be changed from above the machine which is a value in an industry with the highest rate of on-farm accidents. Woods slashers are durable with industry leading features, making them suitable for all types of beef producers on various property types.


Woods Group


Woods Group are a family-owned Australian business with operations throughout Queensland. The vertically integrated agribusiness specialises in farming; grain processing and marketing; stockfeed manufacturing; food ingredients; and transport. More recently the business has expanded into Algae production and a beef feedlot.


McKenzie Pavilion

Ability Agriculture Foundation


The Ability Agriculture Foundation is an australian charity and not for profit enabling awareness, opportunity and a community for disability in agriculture. In 2024 we have launched our Ability Agripreneurs programs supporting persons with disability to connect to agribusiness mentors and engineers to help develop their idea or design enabling accessible agriculture, Youth Livestock Sponsorships supporting youth with disability to participate and develop their skills in livestock show judging. Come say hello to us if you’d like to learn more about Ability AgriCheck a tailored accessibility feedback service for agriculture or would like to learn about pathways to creating opportunity for persons with disability or impairments in your business through our Agcess careers platform.


Adjusta Mattress


Australia’s first adjustable massage mattress for your home, boat or caravan! Enjoy 5-star luxury whilst travelling on the road, or at sea!




Beryl Neilsen Winchester Scholarships


Beryl Neilsen Winchester Scholarships.
Empowering Country Children Through Education.
Scholarships are provided to Primary, Secondary, Trade and Tertiary Students.
Established by the Late Mrs. Beryl Neilsen of Winchester Downs, via Moranbah, Queensland, Scholarships are to assist country students and their families with education expenses. We endeavour to provide rural families with the same educational opportunities as those given to students living in the cities. We stive to help students reach their unique potential.


Busby House Removals, Asbestos and Demolition


With over 30 years’ expertise, Busby Demolition, Asbestos and House Removals are Rockhampton’s leading specialists in all kinds of demolition work and safe removal of asbestos. But we don’t just knock things down – where possible we salvage, recycle and even upcycle old houses to a new location and use.

Based in Central Queensland, we have worked across Queensland in the mining, civil and local government arenas, as well as completing work for private property owners.

Need it gone? Busby’s will get the job done safely, quickly and professionally.v

With over 30 years’ expertise, Busby Demolition, Asbestos and House Removals are Rockhampton’s leading specialists in all kinds of demolition work and safe removal of asbestos. But we don’t just knock things down – where possible we salvage, recycle and even upcycle old houses to a new location and use.

Based in Central Queensland, we have worked across Queensland in the mining, civil and local government arenas, as well as completing work for private property owners.

Need it gone? Busby’s will get the job done safely, quickly and professionally.





CampBoss is the brainchild of Jase Andrews: one of our favourite and most well known Aussie adventurers. Jase has spent a lifetime in the bush and over a decade making the top rating outdoors TV programme ‘All 4 Adventure’. Jase knows a thing or two about off-road and camping products, so after years of using, testing and often breaking our most commonly used brands, he has developed his own range of gear.

Chalkdust Fine Arts


Chalkdust Fine Arts has been trading for over 10 years providing quality and practical homewares and gifts. Belinda Reid is the artist, designer and owner of this local Central Qld small business. Delightful and aesthetically pleasing artworks are painted by Belinda, then designed for the product to be printed. You will find a large variety of products such as Sand free Beach Towels, Tea Towels, Totes, Baby range, homewares and of course her Original Artworks.


Classic Livestock Management Services


Classic Livestock Management Services is a business that has developed a system of livestock identification focused on providing measurable indicators aimed at improving meat and milk quality, fertility/reproductive capacity, consistency, balance and repeatability to name just some of the traits we select for. We work with breeders and producers to build their herds from the top up and select elite animals within herds to build their herd on. We use a combination of old and new technology and observational techniques to identify the most efficient producers in a herd.


Crafty Little Tink


Dolly’s Dream


Dolly’s Dream was created by Kate and Tick Everett following the shattering loss of their 14-year-old daughter, Dolly, after ongoing bullying. Kate and Tick’s aim is to prevent other families having to walk this road and experiencing this devastation.

Dolly’s Dream is committed to changing the culture of bullying by addressing the impact of bullying, anxiety, depression and youth suicide through education and direct support to young people and families.

Their support programs include anti-bullying and cyber safety workshops in schools, free counselling through a 24/7 Support Line for anyone affected by bullying, Mental Health First Aid training to strengthen communities to help young people, and a free cyber safety educational app with trusted, tailored information for parents and carers, to help keep their kids safe online.


Electrical Proven / Proven Energy Management


Proven Energy Management provides a range of services to maximise your energy management including energy audits, remote off-grid solar installations, on-grid solar combined with generator and battery solutions. Our solutions are saving clients money and removing the need for total reliance on diesel generators.

Ellki Blu


Enduro Tags


Enduro Tags Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company and we manufacture all our products here in Australia. We design and manufacture our NLIS eID and management tags for long term retention and functionality, under tough Australian conditions.
We are an innovative company and our customers love our tags because they stay in and because they have no abattoir or sale yard non readers and fines… saves them money and time … excellent for long term and short term livestock identification….check our Website and Facebook & Instagram for testimonials and videos…
Come and visit us and check out our Enduro Tags on site and see our current and new & emerging tag technology … both eID (NLIS) and re usable “non button” management tags… single prong with a distinct difference …easiest tags to apply to all stock types and ages .. whether going up the race or at branding/marking or weaning.