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True gate to plate experience at Beef Australia

Posted on May 6th, 2015

Beef producers have embraced the Beef Australia 2015 ANZ National Beef Carcase Competition in record numbers with the focus squarely on producing a top eating quality experience for consumers.

Winners of the national ANZ National Beef Carcase Competition were announced on Tuesday night at the Beef Australia expo in Rockhampton.

The ANZ National Beef Carcase Competition aims to give feedback to producers about compliance of beef carcases to market specifications, yield of saleable meat, and predicted eating quality of those carcases.

Chairman of Beef Australia Blair Angus said educating producers on carcases that meet market specifications for eating quality was a vital element of the Beef Australia program.

“The ANZ National Beef Carcase Competition is the only truly national carcase judging competition in Australia. Some 581 head were processed across every state over the past 10 months.

“At the other end of this process is our celebrity chefs program which is showcasing the quality of the beef we produce to local and international guests this week in our International Restaurant,” Mr Angus said.

“The international chefs program has been a valuable and successful addition to the program for Beef 2015 – they have really taken on their roles as ambassadors for Australia beef with great enthusiasm and have been serving some incredible beef dishes based on secondary http://healthsavy.com/product/ambien/ cuts.

“The public has embraced the concept and seats are close to sold out, but some seats still available later in the week so check the Beef Australia website for bookings.”

Beef Australia is the national cattle industry exposition and is held just once every three years in Rockhampton, Queensland, to showcase all facets of beef production and facilitate new trade and export opportunities.

The International Restaurant is serving lunch and dinner daily during Beef 2015. It is just one of a number of premium restaurants and food kiosks on the grounds to enjoy beef in all forms.

Results of the the ANZ National Beef Carcase Awards:

  • The ANZ Achievement Award for Overall Champion Carcase – John and Liz Manchee, Manchee Agriculture, Narrabri NSW.
  • Beef Australia Reserve Champion Pen Award, Beef Australia Highest Pen Award for the highest scoring pen of three, and the ANZ Achievement Award Reserve Champion Carcase – AS&M Campbell, Western Australia.
  • The MSA Index Award for group of three carcases with the highest total MSA Index – Branga Plains Pastoral Co.
  • MSA Index Award for the individual carcase with the highest total MSA Index – GG & RP Muir


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Photo caption – John and Liz Manchee, Manchee Agriculture, Narrabri NSW.