6 MAY - 12 MAY 2018

Trade Fair

Beef Australia 2018 Trade Fair Exhibitor Listings


 *Site listing current as at 11th December 2017

Archer Pavilion

Exhibitor Name Site No. Website
Australian Meat Processor Corporation P10 https://www.ampc.com.au
Brights Natural Beeswax P14
Capricorn Pest Management Group S18 www.cpmg.org.au/
CattleKing Agricultural Services Pty Ltd P15 http://www.cattleking.com.au
Coomber Bros Jewellers S19 https://www.coomberbros.com.au
EasyWean Pty Ltd P16 www.easywean.com.au
Happy Feet / AFK Sports Clinic / Orthotic works P17
Kitty Forde S22
LUONE P2 www.luone.com.au
Mark Coombe Outback Art S8 & S9
Rau Stand Easy Cattle Safety Immobiliser S23
Sarah Cannon Portraits: Artist P1 http://www.sarahcannonportraits.com/

Durack Pavilion

Exhibitor Name Site No. Website
Agri-Gene Pty Ltd P45 www.agrigene.com.au
Angus Australia P1, P2 & P3 www.angusaustralia.com.au
AuctionsPlus P26 http://auctionsplus.com.au/
Australian Cattle Veterinarians S44
Animal Health Australia / Livestock Biosecurity Network S31 https://www.animalhealthaustralia.com.au/
Australian Veterinary Semen Morphology (AvetSM) S12 http://www.avetsm.com.au/
AUSTRALIAN WAGYU ASSOCIATION P38 & S39 http://www.wagyu.org.au
Beef Breeding Services Pty Ltd P8 www.beefbreeding.com.au
Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health P46 https://www.boehringer-ingelheim.com.au/animal-health/australia
BOS C AGRI S30 https://www.boscagri.com
Bryan Hall Essential Spaying S11
Charolais Society of Australia Ltd S16 & S17 http://www.charolais.com.au
CLUNIE RANGE ANGUS P18 www.clunie.com.au
Cogent Australia S23 Http://www.cogentinternational.co.uk
EMLAB GENETICS, LLC S25 www.emlabgenetics.com
Gallaghers S36 https://am.gallagher.com/au
Genetics Australia S7 www.genaust.com.au
Inventia Genetic Technologies Pty Ltd P27 http://inventiagenetictechnologies.com.au/
MaiaGrazing S21 http://maiatechnology.com.au/
Murdeduke Angus S24 http://www.murdeduke.com.au
Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society S15 https://murraygrey.com.au
Neogen/GeneSeek S43 http://genomics.neogen.com/en/
Practical Systems Pty Ltd P19 & S20 www.practicalsystems.com.au
Red Angus Society of Australia Inc S14 www.redangus.org.au
Rocky Repro Pty Ltd & Ced Wise Artificial Breeding P37 www.rockyrepro.com.au
Semex Pty Ltd S41 http://www.semex.com.au
Simmental Australia S4 http://simmental.com.au/
Te Mania Angus / Sapien Technology S40
Tremere Pastoral S13 http://tremerepastoral.com.au
U.S Livestock Genetics Export, Inc S34 & S35 www.uslge.org
Vetiquinol P28 & P47 www.repro360.com.au
WAG-YOU.com – Wagyu & Wagyu Supply Chain Solutions S42
Zoetis Genetics S22

Sidney Kidman Pavilion

Exhibitor Name Site No. Website
AGAVE BLUE S76 & S77 www.cuadra.com.mx
AGDATA Australia S12 & S13 https://www.agdata.com.au/
AgriThing Pty Ltd S7 & S8
Anglican Church Grammar School S40 https://www.anglicanchurchcq.org.au
Ann Koh S75
Aon Risk Solutions S22 http://www.aon.com/default.jsp
Aphrodite Jewellery Pty Ltd P68 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aphrodite-Jewellery/473749859359525?ref=hl&ref_type=bookmark
Attune Hearing S80 http://www.attune.com.au
Automed S14 https://automed.io
Bank Of QLD S4
Cultivate Agri Partnerships S37
DAF – Qld Govt P32 www.daf.qld.gov.au
DAF – Qld Govt P33 www.daf.qld.gov.au
DAF – Qld Govt P34 www.daf.qld.gov.au
DAF – Qld Govt P35 www.daf.qld.gov.au
DAF – Qld Govt P47 www.daf.qld.gov.au
DAF – Qld Govt P48 www.daf.qld.gov.au
DAF – Qld Govt P49 www.daf.qld.gov.au
DAF – Qld Govt P50 www.daf.qld.gov.au
DAF – Qld Govt P51 www.daf.qld.gov.au
DAF – Qld Govt P52 www.daf.qld.gov.au
DAWR – Fed Govt P1 & P2 www.agriculture.gov.au
Dial Before Your Dig S5 www.1100.com.au
Elynx Software S6 http://www.elynx.com.au/
Genesis Industries Aust Pty Ltd S61
Globetrotting S11 www.globetrotting.com.au
Gordyn & Palmer P/L S71 http://www.gordynpalmer.com.au/
HARPER LANE JEWELLERY S45 www.myjewellerybox1.com.au
Harrington Systems Electronics P10 www.usee.com.au
Herdlink-Cattlelink S87 www.herdlink.com.au
I LIKE IT DIRECT PTY LTD S60 http://www.ilikeitdirect.com.au
International Animal Health P26
Kathy Ellem S79 http://www.kathyellem.com
Kentmaster Equipment Australia P20 & S21
Liberal National Party P25 www.lnp.org.au 
Livelife Pharmacy Gracemere Shoppingworld S27 & S28 http://www.livelifepharmacy.com/
Marcus Oldham College S81 http://www.marcusoldham.vic.edu.au/
McCartney and Creed shoes P57
Neo Organic Tea & Skin Solutions P64 www.neoaustralia.com.au
OBE Organic P31 www.obeorganic.com.au
Opal Merino S69 https://www.opalmerino.com
Outback King / American Hat Company S82, S83 & S84 https://outbacktraders.com.au
PandaPearls Australia Pty Ltd P88 & P89 www.pandapearls.com.au
Pearls for girls S53 & S54 www.pearlsforgirls.com.au
Phil Peel Jewellers P67 https://www.philpeeljewellers.com.au/
Plastag Fodder Conservation and Rubber Livestock Matting S70 http://www.plastag.com.au/
Reaqua P15 www.reaqua.com.au
Riversands Wines S43 www.riversandswines.com
Rockhampton Girls Grammar School S86 www.rggs.qld.edu.au
Royal Flying Doctor Service P66 https://flyingdoctor.org.au/qld
RRC S3 www.rockhamptonregion.qld.gov.au
SECRET GIRL STUFF P74 http://www.secretgirlstuff.com.au
SeventyWest Rural Training S30 http://www.seventywest.com.au/
Sirene Sea Pearls S39 www.sireneseapearls.com.au
Sistaco P58 & S59 http://www.sistacowoman.com.au/shop.html
Solartech Energy Solutions Solahart S72 www.solartechsolutions.com.au
Somerville House P42 https://www.somerville.qld.edu.au/
St Brendan’s College – Yeppoon P63
St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School S29
St Ursula’s College Yeppoon S44 http://stursulas.qld.edu.au/
Step Forward Orthotics S78 http://www.stepforward.com.au
StockCo Strategic Agrifinance S23 http://stockco.com.au/
Suncorp P16, P17, P18 & P19
Te Pari Products P9 http://www.tepari.com/
TEA TONIC P73 http://teatonic.com.au
TechniPharm P36 www.technipharm.com.au
The Bull Artist S38
The Cathedral College, Rockhampton S46 www.tccr.com.au
University of New England S85
UQ Colleges S62
Wild Wire West P65 http://wildwirewest.com/

Walter Pearce Pavilion

Exhibitor Name Site No. Website
Agforce S37, S38, S39, S40, S41 & S42 www.agforceqld.org.au/
Agrimix Pasture Legumes P13 www.progardes.com.au
Anglican Church Central Queensland N75 https://www.anglicanchurchcq.org.au
Beef Bank N74
Beef Central P60
Best Western Australasia S12
Better Living Australia S80 http://betterlivingaustralia.com.au/
Blaze Aid Inc N76
Brisbane Boys’ College S47
Camera House P21 http://www.camerahouse.com.au
Carey Group of Companies S54
Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service S10 http://qheps.health.qld.gov.au/cqld/
Clayfield College S46 https://www.clayfield.qld.edu.au/
Consolidated Pastoral Company P43 & S44  www.pastoral.com
Coopers Collars S50
Deep Muscle Massage S58 http://www.deepmuscle.com.au/
Direct Injection Technologies S33
Dogmaster Trainers / Dogtra S31 & S32 http://www.dogmaster.com.au
Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment – Rockhampton S28, P29, P56 & S57 http://www.dowdens.com.au
Exquisite Leather S6 https://www.exquisiteleather.com.au/
Farm Monitoring Solutions P7
Figured Ltd S51 https://www.figured.com
Granular Products Pty Ltd P63 & S64 http://www.granularproducts.com/
House of Magnolias S77
Jim’s Jerky P81
John Paul College S65 www.johnpaulcollege.com.au
JVA Technologies S78
Kenyon Medel Jewellery S71 & S72 https://www.kenyonmedel.com
KLR MARKETING P86 http://www.klrmarketing.com.au
Lisa Kennedy Collections S85
Livecorp P3 www.livecorp.com.au
Livingstone Shire Council P30 www.livingstone.qld.gov.au 
MaxCare / Maxum Animal Nutrition S4 http://www.maxumanimal.com
Medibank S5
Niagara Therapy P82, S83, S84, S89, S90 & P91 https://www.niagara.com.au
Observant P8 & S9
Power Saving Centre S20 www.powersavingcentre.com.au
Premise Agriculture P23 https://www.premise.com.au
Property Rights Australia Inc P22 www.propertyrightsaustralia.org
Quadrant P87 http://www.quadrantaustralia.com/
Queensland Police, Major and Organised Crime Squad (Rural) S36
Ray White Rural P24 & P61 www.raywhiteruralrockhampton.com.au
RE-LED S76 http://www.re-led.com.au
Rescue Swag S49 https://www.rescueswag.com.au
Rodan and FIelds – Shell Rodney S11 https://www.mrodney.myrandf.com/au
RRC S69 & S70 www.rockhamptonregion.qld.gov.au
Ruby Ridge Designs S17
Sarinas Legal S67 http://www.sarinaslegal.com.au
SmartPaddocks S34 http://smartpaddock.com/
St Joseph’s Nudgee College P74 & S75
St Peters Lutheran College S45 http://www.stpeters.qld.edu.au
Ten Commandments Granite & Marble S48 http://tcgm.com.au
The Rockhampton Grammar School P1 & P2
Toowoomba Grammar School S52 www.twgs.qld.edu.au
WARNER HEALTH PARTNERS S66 Http://thePainpod.com
Warners Fine Jewellery S59
Wellard Rural Exports Pty Ltd P14 & S15 http://www.wellard.com.au
Whitsunday Aviation Village Estate S68

Outdoor Sites

Exhibitor Name Site No. Website
AAMIG P10, P11 & P12 www.aamig.com.au/
Advantage Feeders S105 www.advantagefeeders.com.au
Alltech KEENAN S65 http://www.keenansystem.com
Angus Barrett Saddlery and leather Goods P67 https://angusbarrett.com.au
Animal Control Technologies Australia S132 www.animalcontrol.com.au
ANZ Bank P5 www.anz.com.au
Ariat S57, S58, S59, S60, S61, S62 & S63 www.ariat.com.au
Australian AgAdvisory & Management P/L S115, S116 & S117
Australian Agricultural Company P15 & P16
Australian Braford Society P34 & P35 www.braford.org.au
Australian Concrete Fence Posts S138 http://www.concreteposts.com.au
Australian Leather Seal S185
Beachport Liquid Minerals P27 www.beachportliquidminerals.com.au 
Bendigo Country Clothing S70 http://www.bendigoclothing.com.au
Blue Ribbon Stockfeeds P38 www.blueribbonstockfeeds.com.au
Breckon Cattle Equipment S107 & S108 www.gregoryfab.com.au
Brisbane Mini Excavator Sales P50, P51, P99 & P100 www.miniexcavators.com.au
BROWN & HURLEY ROCKHAMPTON S97 & S98 www.brownandhurley.com.au
Bundaberg Molasses S177
Bush Design – Mark Cations S173
Caltex P48 https://www.caltex.com.au/
Catagra Group S156, S157, S162 & S163 www.catagra.com
Cattle Council of Australia S35 http://www.cattlecouncil.com.au/
Cattlesales Pty Ltd P20 http://www.cattlesales.com.au
Cavalier P101, S102, S109, S110 & P111 www.cavalierlivestock.com.au
Centre for Rural and Remote Health, James Cook University S79 https://www.jcu.edu.au/mount-isa-centre-for-rural-and-remote-health
CFP Industries Solar and Battery Experts S154
Challenge Implements S196 http://cih.com.au
Charbray Society of Australia P21 & P22
Classic Livestock Management Services S124 www.classiclivestock.com
Clipex P112, P113, S122 & S123 http://www.clipex.com.au
Cloud 9 Hanging Chairs P56
Commonwealth Bank P44 & P45 www.commbank.com.au
CQU P4 www.cqu.edu.au
Diamond Grid Australia S158 http://diamondgrid.com/
Dogmaster Trainers – Garmin P53 http://www.dogmaster.com.au
Droughtmaster Australia P28, P29, P30 & P31 www.droughtmaster.com.au
DustnBoots S72
EI Poly / Enmach Industries S69 www.polysilos.com
Elanco P8 & P9 www.elanco.com.au
Elders P17, P18 & P19 www.elders.com.au
Enduro Tags P36 https://www.endurotags.com.au
Farm Machinery S90
FMC Graslan P25 & P26 www.graslan.com.au 
Gessner Industries S144 http://www.gessner.com.au
Gough Plastics P42
GrainCorp Liquid Feeds S186 http://www.liquidfeeds.com.au/
GreenCollar S178 http://greencollar.com.au/
Greensteel P92 www.greensteel.com.au
GrowSafe Systems S174
Guardian Campers & RV Centre P93 & P94 www.guardiancampers.com.au
Gympie Welding Works Pty Ltd


High Tech Generators S161 www.hightechgenerators.com.au
Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) Pty Ltd S150 & S151 http://www.hitachicm.com.au/
Hitchley & Harrow S128 & S129
HORSELAND ROCKHAMPTON S160 www.horseland.com.au
Jeremy Engineering S85 https://jeremyengineering.weebly.com
Korr lighting S195 www.korrlighting.com.au
Leader Products S187 http://www.leaderproducts.com.au/
Leucaena Chop & The Leucaena Network S139 www.leucaenachop.com.au
Mack UD Volvo Trucks & Esdale Sinclair S193 & S194 http://www.vcvrockhampton.com.au
MB and RG Irving LEATHERCRAFT S184  
McCormack Industries S86 http://www.mccormackindustries.com.au
Mega Cheap Hardware S141 & S142
Milne Bros S88, S89 & S91 http://www.milnebros.com.au
MLA P1 www.mla.com.au
MT & RM Welch S188
MW Toolbox & Trailer Centre S143 http://toolboxcentre.com.au/
NAB P210 www.nab.com.au
Nug Nug Ranch S87 www.nugnugranch.com
Nu-Tank S134 & S135 http://nutankqld.com.au/
Ozhatz S68 www.ozhatz.com.au
PALGROVE P32 & P33 www.palgrove.com.au
Pasture Genetics S84
Paul Gollan Saddlery S64
PBA Feeds P43 www.pbafeeds.com.au
Performance Feeds P39 & P40 http://performancefeeds.com.au
Pioneer Water Tanks S179
Professional Nibbler S125
ProWay Livestock Equipment S106 https://www.proway.com.au
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services P52
Rabobank P7 www.rabobank.com.au
RB Sellars P46 & P47
Red River Stock Yards S191 & S192 http://www.redriverrural.com.au
Rhino Water Tanks S167
Ridley AgriProducts P41 http://www.ridley.com.au
Riverina Australia S104 www.riverina.com.au
Ron’s Solar Pump Solutions S159
Rosenberg Motorcycles & Rosenberg Powersports S75, S76 & S77
Roswell Ag Pty Ltd P37
Rural Supplements S126
Searle’s RV Centre S180, S181, S182 & S183 www.bundyrvs.com.au
Selected Seeds P55
Stocklick Trading S71 https://www.stocklicktrading.com.au
Swadesir Ag Services S127
Telstra P49 www.telstra.com.au
Terrequipe S136 & S137 http://terrequipe.com.au/
TEYS P211 www.teysaust.com.au
The Cattle Shop S145
Think Livestock P54 www.thinklivestock.com
Thompson Longhorn S118, S119 & S120
TISCA S81 http://www.woodsequipment.com.au
TMB P13 & P14 www.themorningbulletin.com.au
Tool and Machinery Sales S175
Top Country S197
Top Show – The Noosa Hat S166 www.topshow.com.au
TPM Saddles S176 http://www.tpmsaddles.com.au/
Tractor Central S82 & S83 www.tractorcentral.com.au
Ultralix S155 https://www.ultralix.com.au
VALTON FEEDING SOLUTIONS S114 & S121 https://valtonfeedingsolutions.com.au/
Vanderfield S73 & S74 http://www.vanderfield.com.au/
Virbac P23 & P24 www.virbac.com.au
Warialda Engineering & Welding Pty Ltd S103 https://warialdaengineering.com.au/
Warwick Cattle Crush Co P95 & P96 www.starkeng.com.au 
WasteNot Stock Feeders S140 www.wastenot.com.au
Westco Truck Sales  S130 & S131 www.westcotrucksales.com.au
Westpac Bank P3 www.westpac.com.au/business-banking/industries/agribusiness/
Yamaha Motor Australia S146, S147, S148, S149, S168, S169, S170, S171 & S172 www.yamaha-motor.com.au

Cattle Sites

Exhibitor Name Site No. Website
Alkoomie Brangus C231 &C 232 www.alkoomiebrangus.com.au
Ascot Cattle Company C217 & C218 https://www.ascotcattle.com.au
Australain Lowline cattle Association C252 http://www.lowlinecattleassoc.com.au/
Australian Bazadais Cattle Society C249 www.bazadaisaustralia.com.au
Australian Brangus Cattle Association C219 http://www.brangus.com.au
Banquet Angus C243
Bazadaise Breeders of Australia Inc. C241 www.bazadaise.com.au
Belmont Australia and Seifert Belmonts C253& C254 www.belmontred.com.au
Bimbadeen Brangus C268 & C269 http://bimbadeenbrangus.com
Bulliac Angus C237 & C238 https://bulliacangus.com/
Duff Red Brangus (Also Duff Consulting) C200 duffredbrangus.com.au
Fleckvieh Society of Australia C244 https://www.fleckvieh.org.au
Folkslee Bazadaise & Brangus Stud C242 http://www.folksleebazadaise.com.au
Forest Hill Brangus C220
Galloway Cattle Co C239 & C240 www.cootharababeefgenes.com.au
Hamdenvale Brahmans C203 www.hamdenvalebrahmans.com.au
Herefords Australia C227 & C228
Jarrah Cattle Company C245 & C246 www.jarrahcattle.com.au
Kenrol Brahman co C204 www.kenrol.com.au
Lazy S Brangus C223
Limousin Australia C233, C234, C235 & C236 https://limousin.com.au
Lindana, Jenalan, Oaktrees and Comiskey Bazadais C201 & C202 www.lindana.com.au
Lunar Brangus & Braveheart Brangus C221
Marellan Shorthorns C267 www.marellan.com.au
Murray Greys Queensland / Droonoodoo Fitting Service C261 & C262
Oaklands Brangus C226 www.oaklandsbrangus.com
Pheasant Creek Brangus C222
Popplewell Composites C206 compositebulls.com.au
Raglan Brahmans C205 www.raglanbrahmans.net
Ramsey Creek Brangus C224
Ruralco C209
Santa Gertrudis Breeders (Australia) Association C208 http://www.santagertrudis.com.au
Savannah Simbrahs and Simmentals C263 & C264
Senepol Australia C212, C213 & C214
St Brendan’s College C215 www.sbc.qld.edu.au
Telpara Hills Brangus & Telpara Global Genetics C256 , C257, C258, C259 & C260 http://www.telparahills.com.au
The Rockhampton Grammar School Cattle Display C216 http://www.rgs.qld.edu.au/agriculture
Tripe B Brangus C225 www.triplebbrangus.com
Wallawong Silver Angus C229 & C230 www.wallawong.com.au
Waratah Speckle Park
& Waratah Brahckle
C255 www.waratahspecklepark.com
Wattle Grove Speckle Park C250 & C251
Woonallee Simmentals C265 & C266 https://woonalleesimmentals.com