2 MAY - 8 MAY 2021

Trade Fair

Beef Australia 2018 Trade Fair Exhibitor Listings


 *Site listing current as at 7th April 2018

Archer Pavilion

Exhibitor Name Site No. Website
Handmade Stockwhips 5S
Australian Meat Processor Corporation 10P https://www.ampc.com.au
Blue Star Eyewear 3S & 4S
Brights Natural Beeswax 14P
Capricorn Pest Management Group 18S www.cpmg.org.au/
CattleKing Agricultural Services 15P http://www.cattleking.com.au
Coomber Bros Jewellers 19S https://www.coomberbros.com.au
EasyWean 16P www.easywean.com.au
FarmMap 4D 11S
Happy Feet / AFK Sports Clinic / Orthotic works 17P
J & K Creations 20S
Kev’s Jerky 12S
Kitty Forde 21S & 22S
Luone 2P www.luone.com.au
Mark Coombe Outback Art 8S & 9S
Rau Stand Easy Cattle Safety Immobiliser 23S
Sarah Cannon Portraits: Artist 1P http://www.sarahcannonportraits.com/
Tens Relief 6S
TurmeriX Central Queensland 13S https://buyturmerix.com/au
Lipsense by Senegence 7S

Durack Pavilion

Exhibitor Name Site No. Website
Aglive 33S
Agri-Gene 45P www.agrigene.com.au
Angus Australia 1P, 2P & 3P www.angusaustralia.com.au
Animal Health Australia / Livestock Biosecurity Network 31S https://www.animalhealthaustralia.com.au/
AuctionsPlus 26S http://auctionsplus.com.au/
Australian Cattle Veterinarians 44S
Australian Veterinary Semen Morphology (AvetSM) 12S http://www.avetsm.com.au/
Australian Wagyu Association 38P & 39S http://www.wagyu.org.au
Beef Breeding Services 8P www.beefbreeding.com.au
Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health 46P https://www.boehringer-ingelheim.com.au/animal-health/australia
Bos C Agri 30S https://www.boscagri.com
Breedplan 9P
Bryan Hall Essential Spaying 11S
Charolais Society of Australia 16S & 17S http://www.charolais.com.au
Clunie Range Angus 18P www.clunie.com.au
Emlab Genetics 25S www.emlabgenetics.com
Gallagher 36S https://am.gallagher.com/au
Genetics Australia 7S www.genaust.com.au
Hazeldean Pty Ltd 6S http://hazeldean.com.au
Inventia Genetic Technologies 27P http://inventiagenetictechnologies.com.au/
MaiaGrazing 21S http://maiatechnology.com.au/
Murdeduke Angus 24S http://www.murdeduke.com.au
Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society 15S https://murraygrey.com.au
Neogen/GeneSeek 43S http://genomics.neogen.com/en/
Practical Systems 19P & 20S www.practicalsystems.com.au
Red Angus Society of Australia 14S www.redangus.org.au
Rocky Repro & Ced Wise AB Services 37S www.rockyrepro.com.au
Semex 41S http://www.semex.com.au
Shorthorn Beef 29S http://shorthornbeef.com.au
Simmental Australia 4S http://simmental.com.au/
Stgenetics Australia Pty Ltd 23S Http://www.cogentinternational.co.uk
Te Mania Angus / Sapien Technology 40S www.temania.com.au & www.sapien.com.au
Total Livestock Genetics 32S
Tremere Pastoral 13S http://tremerepastoral.com.au
Tropical Beef Technology Services 10S
Troy Laboratories Australia 5S www.troylab.com.au
U.S Livestock Genetics Export 34S & 35S www.uslge.org
Vetoquinol 28P & 47P www.repro360.com.au
WAG-YOU.com – Wagyu & Wagyu Supply Chain Solutions 42S
Zoetis Genetics 22S

Sidney Kidman Pavilion

Exhibitor Name Site No. Website
Agave Blue 76S & 77S www.cuadra.com.mx
Agdata Australia 12S & 13S https://www.agdata.com.au/
Anglican Church Grammar School 40S https://www.anglicanchurchcq.org.au
Animal Health Direct 41S
Aphrodite Jewellery Pty Ltd 68P https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aphrodite-Jewellery/473749859359525?ref=hl&ref_type=bookmark
Attune Hearing 80S http://www.attune.com.au
Australian Government 1P & 2P www.agriculture.gov.au
Australian Institute of Company Directors 75S http://aicd.companydirectors.com.au/
Automed 14S https://automed.io
Bank of Queensland 4S
Bupa 22S bupa.com.au
Cultivate Agri Partnerships 37S
Dial Before Your Dig 5S www.1100.com.au
Dine-Rite 55S & 56S https://www.dinerite.com.au
Elynx Software 6S http://www.elynx.com.au/
Ergon Energy Retail 30S  
Genesis Industries Aust Pty Ltd 61S
Globetrotting 11S www.globetrotting.com.au
Gordyn & Palmer P/L 71S http://www.gordynpalmer.com.au/
Harper Lane Jewellery 45S www.myjewellerybox1.com.au
Harrington Systems Electronics 10P www.usee.com.au
Herdlink-Cattlelink 87S www.herdlink.com.au
I Like It Direct 60S http://www.ilikeitdirect.com.au
International Animal Health 26P
Kathy Ellem 79S http://www.kathyellem.com
Kentmaster Equipment Australia 20P & 21S
Liberal National Party 25P www.lnp.org.au 
Livelife Pharmacy Gracemere Shoppingworld 27S & 28S http://www.livelifepharmacy.com/
Marcus Oldham College 81S http://www.marcusoldham.vic.edu.au/
McCartney and Creed shoes 57P
Neo Organic Tea & Skin Solutions 64P www.neoaustralia.com.au
OBE Organic 31P www.obeorganic.com.au
Opal Merino 69P https://www.opalmerino.com
Outback King / American Hat Company 82S, 83S & 84S https://outbacktraders.com.au
PandaPearls Australia Pty Ltd 88P & 89P www.pandapearls.com.au
Pearls for girls 53S & 54S www.pearlsforgirls.com.au
Phil Peel Jewellers 67P https://www.philpeeljewellers.com.au/
Plastag Fodder Conservation and Rubber Livestock Matting 70S http://www.plastag.com.au/
Provenance4 Pty Ltd 7S  www.provenance4.com
Queensland Government 32P & 33P www.daf.qld.gov.au
Queensland Government 34P  
Queensland Government 35P  
Queensland Government 47P  
Queensland Government 48P  
Queensland Government 49P  
Queensland Government 50P  
Queensland Government 51P  
Queensland Government 52P  
REAQUA 15P www.reaqua.com.au
Riversands Wines 43S www.riversandswines.com
Rockhampton Girls Grammar School 86S www.rggs.qld.edu.au
Rockhampton Regional Council 3S www.rockhamptonregion.qld.gov.au
Royal Flying Doctor Service 66P https://flyingdoctor.org.au/qld
Secret Girl Stuff 74P http://www.secretgirlstuff.com.au
Sirene Sea Pearls 39S www.sireneseapearls.com.au
Sistaco 58P & 59S http://www.sistacowoman.com.au/shop.html
Solartech Energy Solutions Solahart 72S www.solartechsolutions.com.au
Somerville House 42P https://www.somerville.qld.edu.au/
St Brendan’s College – Yeppoon 63P
St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School 29S
St Ursula’s College Yeppoon 44S http://stursulas.qld.edu.au/
Step Forward Orthotics 78S http://www.stepforward.com.au
StockCo Strategic Agrifinance 23S http://stockco.com.au/
Struman Advanced Optics 24S http://strumanoptics.com.au/
Suncorp 16P, 17P, 18P & 19P
Te Pari Products 9P http://www.tepari.com/
Tea Tonic 73P http://teatonic.com.au
TechniPharm 36P www.technipharm.com.au
The Bull Artist 38S  www.thebullartist.com
The Cathedral College, Rockhampton 46S www.tccr.com.au
TJM Products 8S  
University of New England 85S
UQ Residential Colleges (LiveUQ) 62S
Wild Wire West 65S http://wildwirewest.com/

Walter Pearce Pavilion

Exhibitor Name Site No. Website
AgForce 37S, 38S, 39S, 40S, 41S & 42P www.agforceqld.org.au/
Agrimix Pasture Legumes 13P www.progardes.com.au
Anglican Church Central Queensland 75N https://www.anglicanchurchcq.org.au
Beef Bank 74N
Beef Central 60P
Best Western Australasia 12S
Betapoly 73S
Better Living Australia 80S http://betterlivingaustralia.com.au/
Beulah Machinery Pty Ltd 79S
Blaze Aid Inc 76N
Brisbane Boys’ College 47S
Bushflower 9S
Camera House 21P http://www.camerahouse.com.au
Carey Group of Companies 54S
Cattle Council of Australia 35S
Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service 10S http://qheps.health.qld.gov.au/cqld/
Clayfield College 46S https://www.clayfield.qld.edu.au/
Consolidated Pastoral Company 43P & 44S  www.pastoral.com
Coopers Collars 50S
Country Allure 53S
Crime Stoppers Rockhampton Area Committee 77S
Deep Muscle Massage 58S http://www.deepmuscle.com.au/
Direct Injection Technologies 33S
Dogmaster Trainers / Dogtra 31S & 32S http://www.dogmaster.com.au
Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment – Rockhampton 28S, 29P, 56P & 57S http://www.dowdens.com.au
Exquisite Leather 6S https://www.exquisiteleather.com.au/
Farm Monitoring Solutions 7P
Fibre King 49S  
Granular Products Pty Ltd 63P & 64S http://www.granularproducts.com/
HB & Co 62P www.hbandco.com.au 
Headspace 78n https://headspace.org.au
Jim’s Jerky 81S
John Paul College 65S www.johnpaulcollege.com.au
JVA Technologies 78S
Kenyon Medel Jewellery 71S & 72S https://www.kenyonmedel.com
KLR Marketing 86S http://www.klrmarketing.com.au
Lisa Kennedy Collections 85S
LiveCorp 3P www.livecorp.com.au
Livingstone Shire Council 30P www.livingstone.qld.gov.au 
March IT 88S
MaxCare / Maxum Animal Nutrition 4S http://www.maxumanimal.com
MCH Leisure 16S
Medibank 5S
Niagara Therapy 82P, 83S, 84S, 89S, 90S & 91P https://www.niagara.com.au
Observant 8P
Power Saving Centre 20S www.powersavingcentre.com.au
Premise Agriculture 23P https://www.premise.com.au
Property Rights Australia Inc 22P www.propertyrightsaustralia.org
Quadrant 87P http://www.quadrantaustralia.com/
Queensland Police, Major and Organised Crime Squad (Rural) 36S
Ray White Rural 24P & 61P www.raywhiteruralrockhampton.com.au
RE-LED 76S http://www.re-led.com.au
Rockhampton Regional Council 69S & 70S www.rockhamptonregion.qld.gov.au
Rodan and FIelds 11S https://www.mrodney.myrandf.com/au
Ruby Ridge Designs 17S www.rubyridgedesigns.com.au
Rural Aid 79N
Sarinas Legal 67S http://www.sarinaslegal.com.au
Scintex 55P http://www.scintex.com.au
SmartPaddocks 34S http://smartpaddock.com/
St Joseph’s Nudgee College 74P & 75S
St Peters Lutheran College 45S http://www.stpeters.qld.edu.au
Stanbroke 18S & 19S http://stanbroke.com/
Stand Up Right 27S
Stock Insure 25P
Stroke Aid 77N https://www.myhealthforlife.com.au
Ten Commandments Granite & Marble 48S http://tcgm.com.au
The Farming Team 51S https://www.figured.com
The Rockhampton Grammar School 1P & 2P
The Salvation Army 76N
Toowoomba Grammar School 52S www.twgs.qld.edu.au
Warner Health Partners 66S Http://thePainpod.com
Warners Fine Jewellery 59S
Wellard Rural Exports Pty Ltd 14P & 15S http://www.wellard.com.au
Whitsunday Aviation Village Estate 68S
WorkCover Queensland 26S

Outdoor Sites

Exhibitor Name Site No. Website
AAM Investment Group P10, P11 & P12 www.aamig.com.au/
Advantage Feeders S105 www.advantagefeeders.com.au
Agersens G270 www.agersens.com
Agridry G274 www.agridrydryers.com
Alltech Keenan S65 http://www.keenansystem.com
Angus Barrett Saddlery & Leather Goods P67 https://angusbarrett.com.au
Animal Control Technologies Australia S132 www.animalcontrol.com.au
ANZ Bank P5 www.anz.com.au
Ariat S57, S58, S59, S60, S61, S62 & S63 www.ariat.com.au
Australian AgAdvisory & Management S115, S116 & S117
Australian Agricultural Company P15 & P16
Australian Braford Society P34 & P35 www.braford.org.au
Australian Concrete Fence Posts S138 http://www.concreteposts.com.au
Australian Leather Seal S185
Barbeques Galore Rockhampton G271
Beachport Liquid Minerals P27 www.beachportliquidminerals.com.au 
Bendigo Country Clothing S70 http://www.bendigoclothing.com.au
Blue Ribbon Stockfeeds P38 www.blueribbonstockfeeds.com.au
Breckon Cattle Equipment S107 & S108 www.gregoryfab.com.au
Brisbane Mini Excavator Sales P50, P51, P99 & P100 www.miniexcavators.com.au
Brown & Hurley Rockhampton S97 & S98 www.brownandhurley.com.au
Bullzye Australia P66
Bundaberg Molasses S177
Bush Designs S173
Caltex P48 https://www.caltex.com.au/
Catagra Group S156, S157, S162 & S163 www.catagra.com
Cattlesales P20 http://www.cattlesales.com.au
Cavalier P101, S102, S109, S110 & P111 www.cavalierlivestock.com.au
Centre for Rural and Remote Health, James Cook University S79 https://www.jcu.edu.au/mount-isa-centre-for-rural-and-remote-health
Challenge Implements S196 http://cih.com.au
Charbray Society of Australia P21 & P22
Classic Livestock Management Services S124 www.classiclivestock.com
Clipex P112, S113, S122 & S123 http://www.clipex.com.au
Cloud 9 Hanging Chairs P56
Commonwealth Bank P44 & P45 www.commbank.com.au
Country Avenue S153
CQUniversity P4 www.cqu.edu.au
Diamond Grid Australia S158 http://diamondgrid.com/
Dogmaster Trainers – Garmin P53 http://www.dogmaster.com.au
Droughtmaster Australia P28, P29, P30 & P31 www.droughtmaster.com.au
DustnBoots S72
EcoSat Remote Monitoring G276 http://www.stationinnovation.com.au
EI Poly / Enmach Industries S69 www.polysilos.com
Elanco P8 & P9 www.elanco.com.au
Elders P17, P18 & P19 www.elders.com.au
Enduro Tags P36 https://www.endurotags.com.au
Farm & Garden Products P287
Farm Machinery S90
FeedPro Australia Pty Ltd S126
FMC Graslan P25 & P26 www.graslan.com.au 
Gough Plastics P42
GrainCorp Liquid Feeds P49 http://www.liquidfeeds.com.au/
GreenCollar S178 http://greencollar.com.au/
Greensteel P92 www.greensteel.com.au
GrowSafe Systems S174
Guardian Campers & RV Centre P93 & P94 www.guardiancampers.com.au
Gympie Welding Works – Studmasta Cattle Products S78
High Tech Generators S161 www.hightechgenerators.com.au
Hitachi Construction Machinery S150 & S151 http://www.hitachicm.com.au/
Hitchley & Harrow S128 & S129 www.hitchleyandharrow.com.au
Horseland Rockhampton S160 www.horseland.com.au
Jeremy Engineering S85 https://jeremyengineering.weebly.com
Katie B Western S152  www.katiebwestern.com.au
Korr Lighting S195 www.korrlighting.com.au
Leader Products S187 http://www.leaderproducts.com.au/
Leucaena Chop & The Leucaena Network S139 www.leucaenachop.com.au
Lowes Petroleum Service S144 www.lowespetrol.com.au 
Mack UD Volvo Trucks & Esdale Sinclair S193 & S194 http://www.vcvrockhampton.com.au
MB and RG Irving Leathercraft S184  
McCormack Industries S86 http://www.mccormackindustries.com.au
Meat & Livestock Australia P1 www.mla.com.au
Mega Cheap Hardware S141 & S142
Milne Bros S88, S89 & S91 http://www.milnebros.com.au
Mr Energy S154
MT & RM Welch 188
MW Toolbox & Trailer Centre S143 http://toolboxcentre.com.au/
NAB P210 www.nab.com.au
Nug Nug Ranch S87 www.nugnugranch.com
Nu-Tank S134 & S135 http://nutankqld.com.au/
Ozhatz S68 www.ozhatz.com.au
Ozhatz G273 www.ozhatz.com.au
Palgrove P32 & P33 www.palgrove.com.au
Pasture Genetics S84
Paul Gollan Saddlery S64
PBA Feeds P43 www.pbafeeds.com.au
Performance Feeds P39 & P40 http://performancefeeds.com.au
Pioneer Water Tanks S179
Professional Nibbler S125
ProWay Livestock Equipment S106 https://www.proway.com.au
Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges G278  www.qatc.edu.au
Queensland Country Life P6
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services P52
Queensland Machinery Agency S80 http://qma.net.au/
Queensland Police Service G277
R.G.M Maintenance  S130 & S131 www.rgmmaintenance.com.au
Rabobank P7 www.rabobank.com.au
RB Sellars P46 & P47
Red River Stock Yards S191 & S192 http://www.redriverrural.com.au
Rhino Water Tanks S167
Ridley AgriProducts P41 http://www.ridley.com.au
Ringers Western S164 & S165 www.ringerswestern.com
Riverina Australia S104 www.riverina.com.au
Ron’s Solar Pump Solutions S159
Rosenberg Motorcycles & Rosenberg Powersports S75, S76 & S77
Roswell Ag P37
Searle’s RV Centre S180, S181, S182 & S183 www.bundyrvs.com.au
Selected Seeds P55
Skimbil S133
SMW Group G275 http://www.smwgroup.com.au/
Stocklick Trading S71 https://www.stocklicktrading.com.au
Swadesir Ag Services S127
Telstra P2 www.telstra.com.au
Terrequipe S136 & S137 http://terrequipe.com.au/
Teys Australia P211 www.teysaust.com.au
The Cattle Shop S145
The Morning Bulletin P13 & P14 www.themorningbulletin.com.au
Think Livestock P54 www.thinklivestock.com
Thompson Longhorn S118, S119 & S120
TISCA S81 http://www.woodsequipment.com.au
Tool and Machinery Sales S175
Top Country S197
Top Show – The Noosa Hat S166 www.topshow.com.au
TPM Saddles S176 http://www.tpmsaddles.com.au/
Tractor Central S82 & S83 www.tractorcentral.com.au
Ubet P289  
Ultralix S155 https://www.ultralix.com.au
Universal Drones G272 www.universaldrones.com.au
Valton Feeding Solutions S114 & S121 https://valtonfeedingsolutions.com.au/
Vanderfield S73 & S74 http://www.vanderfield.com.au/
Virbac P23 & P24 www.virbac.com.au
Warialda Engineering & Welding S103 https://warialdaengineering.com.au/
Warwick Cattle Crush Co P95 & S96 www.starkeng.com.au 
WasteNot Stock Feeders S140 www.wastenot.com.au
Westpac Bank P3 www.westpac.com.au/business-banking/industries/agribusiness/
Wideland Trucks & Equipment (Izusu) S189 & S190
Yamaha Motor Australia S146, S147, S148, S149, S168, S169, S170, S171 & S172 www.yamaha-motor.com.au

Cattle Sites

Exhibitor Name Site No. Website
Australian Brahman Breeders Association C207 www.brahman.com.au 
Australian Bazadais Cattle Society Inc C251 www.bazadaisaustralia.com.au
Advance Bull Sale C244 & C249
Alkoomie Brangus C231 &C 232 www.alkoomiebrangus.com.au
Ascot Cattle Company C217 & C218 https://www.ascotcattle.com.au
Australian Lowline cattle Association C252 http://www.lowlinecattleassoc.com.au/
Australian Brangus Cattle Association C219 http://www.brangus.com.au
Bazadaise Breeders of Australia Inc. C241 www.bazadaise.com.au
Seifert Belmont Reds C253 www.belmontred.com.au
Belmont Australia C264  
Bimbadeen Brangus C265 & C266 http://bimbadeenbrangus.com
Bulliac Angus C237 & C238 https://bulliacangus.com/
Duff Red Brangus C200 duffredbrangus.com.au
Fleckvieh Society of Australia C246 https://www.fleckvieh.org.au
Folkslee Bazadaise & Brangus Stud C242 http://www.folksleebazadaise.com.au
Forest Hill Brangus C220
Galloway Cattle Co C239 & C240 www.cootharababeefgenes.com.au
Hamdenvale Brahmans C203 www.hamdenvalebrahmans.com.au
Herefords Australia C227 & C228
Jarrah Cattle Company C247 & 248 www.jarrahcattle.com.au
Kenrol Brahman Co C204 www.kenrol.com.au
Lazy S Brangus C223
Limousin Australia C233, C234, C235 & C236 https://limousin.com.au
Lindana, Jenalan, Oaktrees and Comiskey Bazadais C201 & C202 www.lindana.com.au
Lunar Brangus & Braveheart Brangus C221
Marellan Shorthorns C267 www.marellan.com.au
Moongool Charolais, Charbrays, Angus & Brahman C198 & C199 www.moongool.com.au
Murray Greys Queensland / Droonoodoo Fitting Service C262
Oaklands Brangus C226 www.oaklandsbrangus.com
Pheasant Creek Brangus C222
Popplewell Composites C206 compositebulls.com.au
Raglan Brahmans C205 www.raglanbrahmans.net
Ramsey Creek Brangus C224
Ruralco C209
Santa Gertrudis Breeders Association C208 http://www.santagertrudis.com.au
Savannah Simbrahs and Simmentals  C254 & C263
Senepol Australia C212, C213 & C214
St Brendan’s College C215 www.sbc.qld.edu.au
Telpara Hills Brangus & Telpara Global Genetics C256 , C257, C258, C259, C260 & C261 http://www.telparahills.com.au
The Rockhampton Grammar School Cattle Display C216 http://www.rgs.qld.edu.au/agriculture
Tripe B Brangus C225 www.triplebbrangus.com
Wallawong Silver Angus C229 & C230 www.wallawong.com.au
Waratah Speckle Park
& Waratah Brahckle
C255 www.waratahspecklepark.com
Wattle Grove Speckle Park C243, C245 & C250 www.wattlegrovespecklepark.com.au
Woonallee Simmentals C268 & C269 https://woonalleesimmentals.com