2 MAY - 8 MAY 2021

Trade Fair


When do applications close?

Trade Fair applications close midnight 2 July, 2017.

Does my application guarantee me a site at Beef Australia 2018?

Unfortunately not all applicants will be successful. Due to the large number of applications we receive and the limited number of sites available, some applications will be unsuccessful.

Applications received after the closing date and all unsuccessful applications will be placed on a waiting list and contacted if a suitable site becomes available.

What happens if I don't get offered my preferred site?

If your preferred site is not available, you will be offered the next available site that is similar in size/price/location.

Where can I find information about site sizes and pricing?

You can download the Trade Fair Prospectus from the Trade Fair page of the Beef Australia 2018 website.

How do I apply for more than 1 site?

You can download the Online Application Guide from the Trade Fair page of the Beef Australia 2018 website. This will guide you step-by-step through the process of applying for 1 or more sites. You must add an entry for each site you are applying for.

How will I know if my application has submitted successfully?

Once you have completed your application and clicked on Pay & Submit, you will be prompted to enter your credit card details and pay a $500 application fee per site. Once your payment has been processed you will receive a confirmation email with a tax invoice/receipt.

Can I share my trade fair site?

Exhibitors are not permitted to share or sublet their trade fair sites without the approval of Beef Australia.

How does Beef Australia select exhibitors for the Trade Fair?

Exhibitors are selected based on the merit of their application and their relevance to the Australian beef industry and Beef Australia 2018. Preference is given to beef industry related exhibitors.

Who is Beef Australia's preferred supplier for marquees and equipment?

Beef Australia’s preferred marquee and equipment supplier is Moreton Hire.  A Temporary Structure Application must be completed to obtain approval from Beef Australia to erect structures on your site.

Can I sell food and beverages from my trade fair site?

The sale of unpackaged food, meals and beverages from trade fair sites is not permitted. The sale of pre-packaged foods such as herbs and spices, sauces, confectionary, nuts, beef jerky and other ‘take home’ food is permitted. Exhibitors who wish to have free samples of food at their trade fair site must obtain a permit from Rockhampton Regional Council.

Can I provide hospitality to my clients at my trade fair site?

Exhibitors can provide hospitality provided the activity is registered with Beef Australia’s Catering and Functions Coordinator. Catering must be provided by Beef Australia’s liquor licensee and preferred caterers.

What is the minimum J-BAS score required to apply for a cattle site?

Trade Fair cattle site exhibitors are required to have a minimum J-BAS of 6 or above