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Time for beef to adapt and overcome

Posted on April 10th, 2015

By Blair Angus, Chairman Beef Australia 2015

Of all the pieces of advice my father gave me, to adapt and overcome, has been one that sticks in my mind.

The need for us to constantly question and change the way we do things is not just good business sense, in the beef industry it can be the difference between staying in business and not.

As farm gate returns continue to erode we have sought to move our business as close as we can to the source of our income.  Whether we are seedstock producers, agents, helicopter pilots, breeders, feedlotters, processors or retailers, ultimately we are all only taking a share in each dollar that a consumer is willing to pay for a piece of beef.

Beef http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/anticonvulsant/ 2015 is all about engaging consumers of beef, increasing the level of understanding of the product, how it is produced and ultimately the endless meal solutions that it provides on a plate.  Its about consumers and producers getting together and celebrating the best protein on the market.

That’s why I’m really excited that Qld Country Life has taken the initiative to start Beef 2015 off on the perfect footing with a Nose to Tail event on Sunday May 3.

A night of theatre breaking down a carcass, talking about each of the cuts, whilst enjoying a degustation menu featuring non-loin primals.

It’s about diners tasting and appreciating all of the differing muscle characteristics, learning how to enjoy them and how their beef purchase can not only provide them with value for money, but, at the same time, improve the sustainability of the entire beef supply chain.

For the producers on the night, I hope its about looking at the carcase through a consumer’s eyes, seeking out ways that we can all work to provide consumers with great eating outcomes so that our sons and daughters can continue on in this great industry.

With around 40 seamable muscles on a beef carcass, some people may find beef confusing.  The huge range of flavours and textures from just one carcass is the key reason beef is the best protein on the market, after all could you imagine the disappointment in going to a nose to tail night based on a chicken?