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The ‘Hardcore Carnivore’ Jess Pryles at Beef Australia 2018

Posted on February 27th, 2018

Jess Pryles is a full-fledged Hardcore Carnivore, a cook, author, & TV host.  Her expertise lies in all things red meat, having once been referred to as “The goddess of all things that have previously moo-d”.   She creates dynamic original recipes with a Southern and Tex-Mex twist and is also a respected authority on low ’n’ slow smoked meats, particularly Texas style barbecue.

 In addition to being a maven of all things meaty, Jess is a co-founder of the Australasian Barbecue Alliance and an occasional cleaver wielding cover girl.  Born and raised in Australia, she fell in love with Texas and now calls Austin home.  Jess is a designer of Pitts & Spitts Texas BBQs and the creator of the internationally acclaimed line of Meat & Steak seasoning Rubs, Hardcore Carnivore and has authored a cookbook of the same name.  Her original recipes, meat articles and photography reach hundreds of thousands of fans each year and resonate with likeminded meat-fans around the Globe.

Jess cannot wait to attend Beef Australia in Rockhampton and will be demonstrating in an offset Smoker educating and encouraging folks to cook Beef like they mean it.  “Really looking forward to attending my first Beef Australia, but more so getting to showcase BBQ cooking methods from my new home of Texas in my birth home of Australia, using incredible quality Australian Beef, is a very special experience”.

Beef Australia are thrilled to have Jess Join our International and Australian Chef line up who will add yet another style and different way to cook the best Meat on Earth – Australian Beef.