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The Graeme Acton Beef Connections Meat and Greet

Posted on June 26th, 2017

The Graeme Acton Beef Connections committee has been working hard selecting 7 successful Mentor Partners and Mentors. Brisbane was the meeting point for the introduction and planning workshop last week, where all participants got to introduce themselves and really get the ball rolling for their chosen projects.  The successful Mentor Partners and Mentors are:

  • Anna White – Producer, NSW and Mentor David Greenup
  • Stewart Moroney – Processor, VIC and Mentor Brett Kelly
  • Bede McAlpin – Agribusiness, QLD and Mentor Richard Rains
  • Ella Paine – Producer, QLD and Mentor Steve Taylor
  • Hamish Lamond – Producer, NT and Mentor Greg Chappell
  • Annabelle Butler – Student, NSW and Mentor http://healthsavy.com/product/soma/ Julie McDonald
  • Jim Teasdale – Marketing, VIC and Mentor Ken Rich

“This program is a fantastic opportunity for this group of young individuals to develop their skills and work alongside Industry leaders. This will enable them to become more effective in their chosen fields in the Beef industry” Denis Cox, Beef Australia 2018 CEO.

“We cannot wait to see how these talented and enthusiastic individuals carry out their chosen projects and help grow the Australian Beef industry” Sarah Mitchell-Anyon, Beef Australia 2018 Marketing and Communication Coordinator.


For more information please contact Sarah Mitchell-Anyon, Marketing and Communication Coordinator Beef Australia, sarah@beefaustralia.com.au, 07 4922 2989