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Young cattle producers at the MLA's Youth Forum in Capella displayed a bright outlook for the beef industry and this will be on show again at the Beef Australia 2012 Milk Tooth Muster Forum. 

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Suncorp Bank Milk Tooth Muster

The Beef Australia 2012 committee of Suncorp Bank Milk Tooth Muster volunteers is preparing a great seminar program specifically for 18-35 year olds.

The Suncorp Bank Milk Tooth Muster committee is a dedicated network of young beef industry ambassadors who promote Beef Australia 2012 directly to this segment of the industry.

The 2012 Suncorp Bank Milk Tooth Muster committee is comprised of a board-nominated chairperson, Jess Martin, and young beef industry leaders from the public and private sectors: Natalie Quinn, Angus Street, Elisha Seekamp, Rebecca Gowen, Ian McConnel and Olivia Raeburn and Alison McIntosh.

The Suncorp Bank Milk Tooth Muster seminar and networking breakfast will be held on Friday, 11 May 2012. Tickets will go on sale in February.

“Never before has the Australian beef industry been confronted by so many opportunities and challenges at the same time – it’s vital that tomorrow’s producers understand how to manage the risks and capitalise on the opportunities to propel our industry forward. As the 2012 Beef Australia expo youth ambassadors, we aim to engage, inspire and educate our industry peers regarding key issues that we, as next generation producers, are facing as we begin to take the reins as future industry decision makers.” – Jess Martin, 2012 Suncorp Bank Milk Tooth Muster Committee Chair. 

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