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MLA backs Beef Australia 2015

Posted on July 3rd, 2014

By BLAIR ANGUS, Chairman Beef Australia 2015

Qld Country Life 26 June 2014

Our plans are coming together for Beef Australia 2015, with a number of new sponsors signing on and key elements of the program taking shape over the last month.

In a sign of the importance of Australia’s national beef exposition in delivering benefits to the industry as a whole, Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) has taken up principal partner sponsorship for Beef Australia 2015 – in what is a significant show of support for the industry.

As part of their commitment, the team at MLA is also assisting with Beef Australia’s international engagement program, and a number of MLA staff are involved with Beef Australia’s various planning committees.

In addition, MLA staff will feature in several events on the program, including at the conference and seminars, as well as MLA hosting its own Producer Forum on Wednesday 6 May 2015, where http://healthsavy.com/product/provigil/ producers and industry can take the opportunity to engage with MLA and participate in the discussion around where producer levies are being invested in research and marketing.

In another first for Beef Australia 2015, the ANZ National Beef Carcase Competition has now kicked off, with the first cattle entered via the recent Mackay Show Society Carcase Competition.

About 21 of the entries at Mackay elected to nominate their cattle for grading in both competitions as part of a new ‘dual entry’ system in place for Beef Australia 2015 in conjunction with annual regional carcase competitions.

The ANZ National Beef Carcase Competition is not only a prestigious event for producers to enter and win, it is also a key component of Beef Australia’s education program, with invaluable feedback provided by over-judge Janine Lau, of Meat Standards Australia.

For producers looking to enter, schedules for each of our three big cattle competitions – stud, commercial and carcase – are now available on the Beef Australia 2015 website, www.beefaustralia.com.au.

Industry can also stay up to date with our plans and preparations for Beef Australia 2015 via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.